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Chapter 250

A Regressor’s Tale of Cultivation


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Chapter 250: Heavenly Tribulation (2)


A pillar of red light stabs down towards me.

I lightly step with footwork and strike the pillar of light with my wooden sword.


A terrifying shockwave bursts forth, and for an instant, it seems as though the lightning itself is pushed back by the aftermath.

An attack clearly of the Nascent Soul stage.

However, what's astonishing is that the one unleashing this strike is not at the Nascent Soul stage but at the Grand Perfection of Core Formation.


Seven-colored lightning spews out around Jeon Myeong-hoon, transforming into six flags.


A giant holding the six flags appears, extending its fist towards me.

But in an instant, I catch a gap in the colossus that seems to shatter Heaven and Earth.

Even as Heaven and Earth crumbles, I see a place where I can stand.


I enter the still world and take a step.


The giant's thunderous whip smashes into the earth.

First step.

I leap towards the shattered stone fragments, regaining my stance atop one of the fragments.

The giant's head splits in two, and behind him, a gigantic Taiji symbol emerges.

Third step.

I leap straight towards the giant's head, entering the split in its head and dance while stepping on the air.

There's no need to use unnecessary power.

Only the required strength, compressed to the extreme at the optimal moment, is released with the highest speed.

Severing Mountain Swordsmanship.

Twenty-seventh Move.

Guiding to the Summit (導岑 / Dao Cen).

Over the years.

A new branch of Severing Mountain Swordsmanship has blossomed with madness within a stopped world.


The sword energy condenses at the tip of the sword like a thread.

What happens when Qi is compressed?

A pure mass of Qi eventually turns into life force.

The stage before becoming life force is Sword Gang.

And the stage of splitting consciousness into that Sword Gang, making it almost a living entity, is the Sword Sphere.

So, what happens if you don't infuse consciousness into the Sword Gang but compress it even more?


The essence of pure life forms on the sword.

The essence of life created in such a way cannot attack the opponent.

Because this life force, if anything, will heal rather than harm the opponent.

But on the other hand, not being able to harm the opponent means the opponent won't feel pain, which means it's difficult for the opponent to notice.


The thread of Qi created by Guiding to the Summit enters the neck of the Lightning Giant.

I fly up from above the guy's neck, reaching out my hand.


At the same time, a thread line begins to shine above the Lightning Giant's two heads.

The Qi thread attached to the creature absorbs its life force, shining brightly before exploding in an instant.


Jeon Myeong-hoon's neck flies off.

A technique that sneaks compressed sword energy disguised as life force into the opponent without them noticing, absorbing the opponent's life force over time, eventually leading to death.

That is Guiding to the Summit.


The giant without a neck begins to scream and throw a tantrum.

Based on red lightning, countless colors of lightning start to appear.

Before long, 'all the techniques' of the Golden Divine Heavenly Thunder Sect begin to float around him.

That is it.

He can now use all the techniques of the Golden Divine Heavenly Thunder Sect.

But amusingly, Jeon Myeong-hoon has mastered only one technique of the Golden Divine Heavenly Thunder Sect.

The Red Lightning Quaking Scripture.

In other words, all the techniques of the Golden Divine Heavenly Thunder Sect that Jeon Myeong-hoon shows are parts of a new technique he had created by evolving the Red Lightning Quaking Scripture.

'That must be the Red Lightning Heavenly Tribulation Method Yang Su-jin mentioned.'

It seems that, unlike the complex process of something like the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the Red Lightning Heavenly Tribulation Method can be learned through a straightforward process if an Ender who carries their own fate begins to learn the Red Lightning Quaking Scripture, which is the basic method of the Golden Divine Heavenly Thunder Sect.

Thousands of methods begin to float around Jeon Myeong-hoon.

Countless rune characters, arrows of lightning, spears of thunder, and heads of lightning dragons appear, gathering energy.

Then, thousands of techniques are fired at me at once.

There seems to be no way to dodge.

But I have no intention of drawing more energy than the sword energy wrapped around my wooden sword.

Then how should I counter these techniques?

I calm my mind.

Like a clear water surface, my mind settles down smoothly.

At the same time, I succeed in feeling a certain 'sensation.'

Lately, I began to feel a certain sensation.

It isn't intent.

It isn't the vision of the Heaven Tribe, nor the spiritual energy of the Earth Tribe.

A completely different, fourth type of sensation.

Calm the mind, clear it like water, and reflect the opponent in that state.

Over the clear reflected surface, thousands of techniques sent by Jeon Myeong-hoon are reflected.

I see it.

The 'intent' contained within those techniques.

No, the 'mind' embedded within the techniques is felt.

'Is this the sensation of the Heart Tribe's third stage of Manifestation...?'

It seems not just that.

Somehow, it's subtly, really minutely different from that of the Heart Tribe, in a way that can't be explained.

Anyway, I focus on this newly emerged sensation.

Seeing the intent behind the techniques sent by Jeon Myeong-hoon, I somehow feel I can unravel these 'intents' in reverse and break down the technique itself.

Bo-oong, Bo-oong, Bo-oong!

Without using the Formless Sword, I place my sword at the weakest point of the techniques and unravel all of the formulas used by Jeon Myeong-hoon in reverse, piercing through his endless barrage of attacks.

The next moment.


I dive into Jeon Myeong-hoon's chest, who had turned into a giant, and use Guiding to the Summit once again.


After a moment.

The giant titan falls, and Jeon Myeong-hoon emerges from inside.

"...I never won once before reaching the Nascent Soul stage."

"That's quite an achievement."

"What a monster. To think you reversed and unraveled the flow of all those techniques' spiritual power..."

I smirk at Jeon Myeong-hoon, who is staring at me with a stiff face.

"I could do it because I've also learned all the Lightning Path Methods. It would have been impossible with techniques of other attributes."

Quite literally, the secret to my ability to counter Jeon Myeong-hoon's Lightning Path Methods is also because I have a tremendous understanding of the Lightning Path Methods themselves.

Of course, it's a secret to him, but this 'sensation' might blossom further in the future, allowing me to unravel other things besides Lightning Path Methods.

'But it will require at least a thousand years of cultivation to get there....'

Jeon Myeong-hoon dusts off the dirt from his body and grins.

"When I reach the Nascent Soul stage, you better be prepared, Seo Eun-hyun!"

"Haha, I'm looking forward to it."

I warmly smile and cheer for Jeon Myeong-hoon.

"Then, everything is prepared at the main hall, let's go."


Jeon Myeong-hoon looks at me and, seemingly annoyed, sets off first towards Thunder Cloud Peak.

At Thunder Cloud Peak, countless Heavenly Being stage Grand Elders and Nascent Soul stage Elders have gathered to witness the breakthrough to the Nascent Soul stage of the Heavenly Golden Thunder Body.

Hong Su-ryeong is setting up a formation at the summit of Thunder Cloud Peak in preparation for any mishaps.

"Have you arrived? Come and stand here, Jeon Myeong-hoon."

Hong Su-ryeong engraves a rune character into the formation and then calls Jeon Myeong-hoon to the center of the formation.

Over the past 20 years, Hong Su-ryeong also broke through in her realm and is now a qualified Grand Perfection cultivator of the Heavenly Being stage.

Now, she is preparing to ascend to the Four-Axis stage alongside the highest grand elders like Jin Hwi and Jin Jin-chan.

"The energies of the Well, Ghost, and Willow stars are about to rise. Prepare to rise to the Nascent Soul stage."

Hong Su-ryeong looks at the celestial energy, reads the celestial signs, and speaks.

Since the stars that best match Jeon Myeong-hoon are the Well, Ghost, and Willow stars, it is most appropriate for him to ascend to the Nascent Soul stage at that time.

Before entering the formation, he looks around and his eyes meet with someone.

It's Jin So-hae.


In an instant, turning into a bolt of lightning, Jeon Myeong-hoon flies towards Jin So-hae and embraces her.

"...Thank you for being with me, even when I was lacking, So-hae. From now on, I'll show you a more proper version of myself."

"...No, you've been great enough as it is. You've had a tough time too."

The elders laugh heartily at the sight of the two young people, and Jin Byuk-ho, too, looks at Jeon Myeong-hoon with much more relaxed eyes than before.

Looking at Jeon Myeong-hoon, I can tell that he has indeed become one with his family and the Golden Divine Heavenly Thunder Sect.


Returning to the center of the formation, Jeon Myeong-hoon looks up at the sky.

Soon, the celestial timing aligns.


Jeon Myeong-hoon sits down in a lotus position right there, gathering energy for his Golden Core.


He begins to gather energy from the Qi plane, ascending towards an even higher plane.

Consciousness and energy mixes, and he begins to condense his Nascent Soul.

There's no issue with enlightenment.

Not only had the grand elders and elders of the Golden Divine Heavenly Thunder Sect kindly explained it, but I had also hammered the Yin and Yang energies into him dozens of times using the methods of the Azure Heaven Creation Sect. He had no choice but to grasp an understanding of the Nascent Soul, even if reluctantly.


Suddenly, the Heaven and Earth spiritual energy seems to gather towards Jeon Myeong-hoon, and a bright light bursts from his lower dantian.

A phenomenon that occurs when a cultivator of the Heaven Tribe condenses their Nascent Soul!

Simultaneously, the heavens begin to roar, preparing for the Heavenly Tribulation.


I look at Jeon Myeong-hoon.

I can see a baby-shaped soul condensing in his lower abdomen.

This means, at this moment, Jeon Myeong-hoon is rapidly experiencing his life in rewind.

An indescribable expression settles on his face.

And then.


Finally, Jeon Myeong-hoon succeeds in fully condensing his Nascent Soul.

The only remaining hurdle now is the Heavenly Tribulation.

However, no one from the Golden Divine Heavenly Thunder Sect thinks that Jeon Myeong-hoon will encounter difficulties while undergoing the Heavenly Tribulation.

After all, he is the Heavenly Golden Thunder Body.


A dual-colored Heavenly Tribulation strikes down.

But the dual-colored Heavenly Tribulation is absorbed by Jeon Myeong-hoon as soon as it touches him.

Simultaneously, Jeon Myeong-hoon's cultivation in the early Nascent Soul stage begins to rapidly increase! The spiritual power equivalent to ten years of cultivation at the early Nascent Soul stage accumulates in Jeon Myeong-hoon's Nascent Soul!

Crack, crackle…

He opens his eyes, smiling contently as he sits, seemingly unbothered by the monstrous Heavenly Tribulation he had just faced. Instead of showing any signs of distress or pain, he looks as refreshed as if he had just received a pleasant massage!

Kurung, Kururung!

The Heavenly Tribulation continues to strike down, enhancing Jeon Myeong-hoon's power.

For Jeon Myeong-hoon, the Heavenly Tribulation is both a tonic and a dharma treasure.

He can either accept it and transform it into spiritual power or store it within his Golden Core and wield it like a real dharma treasure. That is what the Heavenly Tribulation means to Jeon Myeong-hoon.

Before he broke through to the Nascent Soul stage, I had advised him to not transform the Heavenly Tribulation into a dharma treasure but to absorb it directly and convert it into spiritual power. He is faithfully following my advice.

'At this rate, he might reach the mid Nascent Soul stage within half a year if he does well.'

Just having entered the early Nascent Soul stage and continuously feasting on such a tremendous 'elixir,' reaching the mid-stage in half a year is not an inflated expectation.

Moreover, from the Nascent Soul stage onwards, each advancement within the realm attracts Heavenly Tribulation. Hence, Jeon Myeong-hoon can gain such benefits even in the mid Nascent Soul stage.

In other words, from the moment he entered the Nascent Soul stage, Jeon Myeong-hoon has laid the foundation for extremely rapid cultivation.

'It took decades to reach the Nascent Soul stage, but from now on, the path will be smooth.'

I grin as I look at Jeon Myeong-hoon.

His growth is going smoothly.

That means I don't need to implement the worst-case scenario plan I have in mind, stealing the Heavenly Lightning Banner.

'Don't betray the sect and use Jeon Myeong-hoon to seal the Heavenly Lightning Banner. Yes, that's the most suitable...'

That was my thought.

Until Jeon Myeong-hoon absorbed the golden Heavenly Tribulation of the Nascent Soul stage and converted it into red lightning.


Until I felt something strange with the recently emerged fourth sensation.

'What's going on? Something's off with Jeon Myeong-hoon...'

I furrow my brows and focus on that sensation.

It isn't clear.

It's a misty feeling.

But I definitely feel something is 'connected' to Jeon Myeong-hoon.

'Yes, this is...'


Some [intent] is attached to Jeon Myeong-hoon, extending like a thread somewhere.

However, the sensation is brief and it vanishes again.

'What in the world?'

It's a sensation I felt momentarily when Jeon Myeong-hoon was absorbing the Heavenly Tribulation of the Nascent Soul stage while using what seems to be the Red Lightning Heavenly Tribulation Method.

Slowly, I turn my head towards the direction where the [intent] was connected.

The sensation disappeared, but I remember where it pointed.

That place is,

"...Could it be?"

The Thunder Tribute Hall.

There's no ominous feeling, and the celestial energy is clear.

But, with my tension heightened to the maximum,

I seize the moment everyone is blessing Jeon Myeong-hoon and fly towards the Thunder Tribute Hall.



The main gate of the Thunder Tribute Hall is currently unguarded.

Everyone had gone to witness the Nascent Soul stage ascension of Jeon Myeong-hoon, born with the same talent of the ancestor Yang Su-jin, the Heavenly Golden Thunder Body.

Thanks to that, I easily enter the Thunder Tribute Hall and I'm startled, stopping in my tracks as I'm about to enter deeper into the hall.

[What brings you here, child?]

Deep within Thunder Tribute Hall.

Above its altar.

A woman with long white hair and bare feet, her face hidden by her hair, asks me.

As soon as I hear her words, I suddenly feel lust boiling up within me.

I want to rush at her, to overpower her.

I want to make her mine.

I want to hold her!


Grinding my teeth, I stand still and clear my mind with the Wonderfully Mysterious Innate Heart Canon.

I glare at Zhengli, veins popping in my eyes.

"Please stop teasing this junior, senior."


Extinguishing Divine Tribulating Heavens!

A transparent energy whirls within me.

At the same time, Zhengli's seductive smile seems to vanish from my mind for a moment.

However, Zhengli stretches her arms towards me.

[Ah, so you've used the Sacrificial Rite that the Golden Deity once employed. Ahaha, how dare you boast in front of me without even preparing a sacrificial offering? How do you plan to bear the curse of that dreadful rite with a human body?]



[That incomplete Immortal Art, without an offering, is at best a unique Lightning Path Method. Those who have traversed the Dao of Heavenly Tribulation of the Three Thousand Worlds and learned Lightning Path Methods can never escape from me...]

My face turns beet red.

Just when I thought the surging lust subsided, it boils up crazily again.

'The Heavenly Lightning Banner isn't supposed to be like this.'

It's obvious.

Some trickery had been played, letting it break free from its restraints until now.

Normally, even if I occasionally hear the voice of the Heavenly Lightning Banner, it's no different from hearing any ordinary human voice.

But now, it's different.

Every word she utters seems to seize my brain, making the blood in my lower abdomen boil.

'My brain, my brain... it's strange...!'

The currents in my brain are moving weirdly.

I can't control it at all.

At this rate, I feel like I will rush at Zhengli without any resistance and overpower her immediately.

[Come to me. Embrace me. Kiss my feet. I shall grant you the utmost pleasure... Just promise me one thing, child...]


Veins bulge out on my face.

Blood bursts from my nose, dripping onto the floor of the Thunder Tribute Hall.

[Can you call my name?]


Against my will, my feet move on their own towards her.

Memories from my past life flashes through my mind.

The scene where innocent people turned to the master of heavenly punishment at just a word.

The scene where a single word caused countless innocent people to return to the Owner of Heavenly Punishment en masse.

The Golden Divine Heavenly Thunder Sect, slaughtered because of my foolish actions.

[Come here, child...]

Thump, thump, thump, thump!

I can't control my lust.

The sound of my heart beating wildly grows louder.

The closer I get to her, the more tantalizing her jade white feet seem.

Each step closer fills my brain with immense anticipation and happiness!


Before reaching her.

With about five steps left, I barely manage to control my legs and stop myself.

But it's only a temporary reprieve.

I soon have the premonition that I will rush towards her.

"Let's... stop this."

[Will you call my name?]

"I don't think that will be possible..."

[Oh, it seems you're lacking in pleasure.]

She points at me.


My top is already off without me realizing it.

She points her finger at me again.

It feels as if her slender, graceful hands are caressing me, even though she is merely stroking the air.

Yet, I find myself completely naked.


It isn't her who undressed me.

My body undressed itself.

In a situation where I can't cover my whole body, my face turns blazing red as I clench my teeth.

[Now, if you're ready, come here...]


My body doesn't listen to me.

I feel like I will rush at her any moment!

Any moment now!

In my mind, I recall Heavenly Human Island, which had been reduced to ruins by the Owner of Heavenly Punishment.

I think of Kim Yeon, Buk Hyang-hwa, the Colorless Glass Sword, and Hong Su-ryeong.

"Stop... I said..."


My leg takes another step forward against my will.

And then, I move my hand.

In that state, holding my scrotum...

Crunch... Crick-crack...!


I start to tear out my testicles.




"Ahhhh! Ah! Ahh, ahhah, ahahah!"

Saliva dribbles from my mouth.

It hurts!

Among all the pains I've felt in my life, this is one of the most severe, causing my head to ring.

But, in that pain, I finally feel my lust being washed away, and my limbs regain their freedom.

"Ha... hahaha... I..."

The pain is so intense that tears of blood naturally flow.

Dripping tears of blood, I crushed the testicles I had pulled out in my fist.

"I told you... to stop..."


This time, I step forward towards her of my own will.

Having cast a clothing spell to dress myself again, I manage to suppress the pain and look down at Zhengli.

"There are people... who have loved me. Do not insult me."

Overwhelmed by my momentum after breaking free from her control, Zhengli speaks with a trembling voice for the first time.

[You're insane.]


I take another step forward.

She begins to stealthily move back on the altar, trying to distance herself as much as possible from me.

She is completely overwhelmed by my aura.

[How can a mortal from the Sahā world so readily sever one of the Five Desires...!? Who are you? I have never seen a being like you among mortals...!]

"I am..."


I grab Zhengli's neck and lift her up.

Zhengli struggles in my grasp for a moment, then suddenly transforms into a familiar banner.

"...Seo Eun-hyun."

I ask the banner with a fierce look.

"Answer me. What have you been plotting all this time?"

Chapter 250

A Regressor’s Tale of Cultivation


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