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Chapter 302

A Regressor’s Tale of Cultivation

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Chapter 302: Protection (護) (4)

Kang Min-hee stays silent for a moment after hearing those words.

I carefully observe the intent of the pair.

Kim Yeon's intent is filled with embarrassment, guilt, and worry.

And Kang Min-hee...


She leans her shoulders against the back of the chair.

Then, she suddenly starts to smile with satisfaction.

"Ah…really…I finally feel relieved."

"Are, are you okay?"

Kim Yeon, looking pale, asks.

Kang Min-hee smiles and says,

"Yeah, I'm fine, Yeon-ah. Didn't I tell you? We were just dating for fun, and there are no real feelings between us. Didn't you notice that I'd been supporting you two from behind since we were at the company?"

"But... still..."

"Rather, how did that dumbass figure out your feelings? That's what I'm more curious about. Really…do you know how frustrated I was while we were at the company? It felt like I swallowed ten sweet potatoes at once. Now it finally feels like they're going down. It's like the food that wouldn't digest before is finally settling down"


As Kang Min-hee continues, Kim Yeon's intent grows more complicated.

"I'm really fine! Really…I've already made a lot of friends here, and I'm always surrounded by people, so I'm not lonely. I told you at the beginning. I'm not fated to be with a man."


"So…congratulations, Yeon-ah. And if that dumbass makes things hard for you or does something stupid, tell me. I'll refine him into a Ghost King for you to control easily."

"Ah, that's okay. I know how to make puppets myself..."

"Hahaha! That's impressive, you know!"


I desperately control my intent, ensuring it doesn't flow between the two.

How much did the two laugh and talk?

As dawn approaches, both of them eventually sigh.

"It's almost time to part."

"Yeah, it's a shame. Let's meet again when we have time."

"When will you be able to meet next?"

"Hmm, actually, it might be hard to meet again on any other day than today. I usually have to cultivate in the Side Path. So, I'll probably stay in Black Ghost Valley for a year or two, before going back."

"The Side Path...isn't it hard?"

"It's not that hard. I have a lot of friends there. You'd be surprised if you knew."

"That's a bit of a relief then."

"Yeah~, no need to worry, okay?"

However, Kim Yeon can't erase her worried intent as she looks at Kang Min-hee.

"…Unnie. I have to start going soon... but can I say one last thing?"

"Hmm? What is it?"

"…If you still have feelings for Eun-hyun oppa, I can give up. Everyone knows you two got along well at the company. So…please tell me."

'I had a good relationship with her?'

"I had a good relationship with him??"

Kang Min-hee asks incredulously.

It seems like Yeon is misunderstanding something.

We were more like frenemies, meaning we 'couldn't entirely hate each other' privately.

Publicly, we clashed openly, and even privately, we bickered a lot.

How can she think of our relationship like that?

"I always fought with him when we met?"

"Really? To me…it looked more like childhood friends playfully teasing each other."

"Oh dear…maybe it's because I only shared the playful stories with you."

"…Unnie, if you really have feelings for him…please tell me."


Kang Min-hee frowns, seemingly annoyed.

"Hey, Kim Yeon. Why are you acting like this? I told you I don't have any feelings. It was just a joke. Neither of us took it seriously, so why are you making a fuss? Stop it already. I genuinely support you two, so you don't need to worry."

The intent of genuinely supporting is true.

However, Kim Yeon suppresses her feeling of pity.

"…Okay. I understand."

"Right, I've been congratulating you since earlier, so I don't know why you keep acting like this… Anyway, didn't you say you have a favor to ask?"

By now, the sun has fully risen, and the yin energy of Cold Yin Marsh has subsided.

Kim Yeon tells Kang Min-hee about Jeon Myeong-hoon and the disciples of the Golden Divine Heavenly Thunder Sect who had gone to the Nether Ghost Realm.

Hearing this, Kang Min-hee exclaims in surprise.

"Jeon Myeong-hoon...other than being flirtatious, he's grown so much... Well, it's been almost 100 years. If he was still the same as back then, he'd just be an idiot."


"Well, anyway, you're asking me to let Jeon Myeong-hoon use the Side Path, right?"


"Hmm, well…it's possible. Ah, that bastard won't try to hit on me again, will he?"

"Probably…not. Section Chief…he's matured a lot."

"Yeah…he should've matured sooner."

Kang Min-hee clicks her tongue and nods.

"Okay, I'll let him use it. But."

She says with a serious expression.

"To enter the Side Path, he must follow my words, and he can't refuse my commands under any circumstances… Did you say Jeon Myeong-hoon is at the Heavenly Being stage and at the Great Perfection at that?"

"Yes. According to Eun-hyun oppa, he can reach the Four-Axis stage with enough time."

"Hmm, then it won't work. If Seo Eun-hyun, you, or any other companions accompany him, I can't allow it. Last time, the disciples of the Golden Divine Heavenly Thunder Sect who passed through the Side Path were at most at the Nascent Soul stage, with most at the Core Formation stage, so I allowed them to go together. But if a Heavenly Being at the Great Perfection tries to enter, the size of their soul alone would create a large burden, to the point that the Side Path could collapse if he has companions."

"Ah...yes, I will let him know."

'Oh, this...'

I feel regret knowing that I can't accompany Jeon Myeong-hoon.

I also have an attachment to the disciples of the Golden Divine Heavenly Thunder Sect and am curious about the secrets of the Nether Ghost Realm.

'It was also an opportunity to build the Longevity Axis. I'll have to wait for the next opportunity.'

It's unfortunate for Jeon Myeong-hoon as well.

'At least if he could take Yeon Jin, he could get advice from Yeon Wei…'

As an experienced person who went to the Nether Ghost Realm, Yeon Wei would have provided much help to Jeon Myeong-hoon.

I nod.

"Given this situation, we should ask Yeon Wei directly."

While listening to their conversation through Seo Li, I leave Heavenly Human Island and head for Thunder Spirit Island.

On Thunder Spirit Island, above the remains of the Golden Divine Heavenly Thunder Sect.

Jeon Myeong-hoon is floating and gazing over the landscape, while Yeon Jin is diligently training on a nearby peak.

"Jeon Myeong-hoon, Yeon Jin. Come here. I have something to discuss."


"If you're going to the Nether Ghost Realm, it's best to ask Yeon Wei, who's experienced there. Yeon Jin, can you contact Yeon Wei?"

"Yes! I'll contact the ancestor!"

Shortly after, Yeon Jin, who had been sitting as if communicating with something, twitches and then opens his eyes.


His gaze has changed.

It's Yeon Wei.

"It's been a while since you've called me. Do you have something to ask this old person?"

"Well, besides how you are, we want to inquire about the Nether Ghost Realm."

"I, of course, am doing very well. Recently, I've taken in some cute disciples, and I'm enjoying doting on them.  I'm also planning a conquest of the Head Realm...I have a lot to do, and it's really great."

Yeon Wei rambles a bit about how well she's doing before asking back.

"By the way, you said you wanted to ask about the Nether Ghost Realm?"

"Yes. Do you know anything about it?"

"The Nether Ghost Realm…it's a gloomy place. Yet it is also thriving."

For a while, information about the Nether Ghost Realm flows from Yeon Wei's mouth.

Jeon Myeong-hoon and I absorb the information about the Nether Ghost Realm into our minds.

After finishing her words, Yeon Wei adds one more thing.

"By the way, this information is about 43,000 years old, so it might not be accurate. Just keep that in mind."

"Understood. That's good enough for now. However, there's one more thing I'd like to ask."

"What is it?"

I ask seriously.

"Hon Won's weakness."


The beginning of this life.

From the very first day, I had to struggle in a chase with Hon Won.

If caught, it would have been straight onto the next life, so I had to fight with all my might.

But knowing Hon Won's weakness from the start would have made it no problem at all.

Yeon Wei appears to ponder for a moment.

"Weakness… Originally, there was no such thing as a weakness for that guy. In fact, as long as he's in Heaven-Earth Palace, he has no weaknesses. He's practically invincible within the same realm."


I can't help but gasp at that statement.

"Is that even possible?"

If that's the case, one must face Hon Won outside Heaven-Earth Place to have a chance.

"No, didn't you manage to inflict a fatal wound on Hon Won by targeting his weakness, causing him to be trapped in the Heaven-Earth Palace?"

"Weakness, huh. I just fought well because I know his Great Mountain Splitting Emperor Technique well. The sacred object of the Yin Soul Ghost Sect that I 'borrowed' played a role too. I sacrificed the sacred object and one of my own axes to deal a fatal blow to him. He never really had a weakness.""

"…Wait, if it's a borrowed sacred object, are you allowed to sacrifice it?"

"It's fine because I borrowed it secretly."


'…Isn't 'secretly borrowed' the same as 'stolen'?'

I suddenly have a question and ask her.

"By the way, Senior said you know the Great Mountain Splitting Emperor Technique well. Did you learn it while fighting Hon Won?"

"No, I learned it directly from Hon Won."


"Did you think we just growled at each other feeling fatefully incompatible from the start? Until that day 43,000 years ago, we were quite close. We were inseparable."

"What kind of relationship did you have?"

"We were betrothed."


I can't hide my shock at Yeon Wei's words.

"About 43,000 years ago, I agreed to a political marriage with the Palace Lord of Penglai Palace to elevate the status of the Golden Divine Heavenly Thunder Sect. Hon Won accepted too. We teamed up and almost killed the Black Dragon King, though we spared his life, and he allied with us and the Human Race. The Human Race Grand Alliance was immensely grateful to us. Hahaha…"


I'm speechless at this shocking revelation.

'My main body is hearing some incredible stories.'

I feel a headache coming from the sudden flood of information.

Eventually, Kang Min-hee and Kim Yeon hugged each other and parted ways.

Wrapped in a rosy dull glow, Kim Yeon flew far away, and only Kang Min-hee and I still remain at the Cold Yin Marsh

"It was hard to understand, right? Talking in foreign languages."

"Haha, no, it was an honor."

"Really? I guess so... By the way, Seo Li."


Kang Min-hee turns to me and says

"Isn't it about time you reveal your true identity?"


"That combing and shoulder massage...I only taught it to that bastard during the three weeks we dated. But you replicated it perfectly. It's strange. I thought it was odd from the start when you kept hiding your face and I couldn't see your soul through death.


Kang Min-hee's left hand transforms into a dark ghost claw.

"It's you, isn't it? It really makes me sick. How did you think to follow me here? Well, I expected it…."

She speaks with a sinister smile.

"It won't be like on Earth. You're going to die here today."


She swings the ghost claw at me.

"Die, you damned bastard."

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