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Chapter 122.5

I Pulled Out the Excalibur

Hello everyone, this is Ryuu, the translator of I Pulled Out the Excalibur. With chapter 122, we've finally caught up to raws on this novel. Unfortunately this does mean that there will be no releases for a while until the author, NariaTa, resumes serialization. For those who do not know, NariaTa was diagnosed with cancer around 3 months ago. Here's his note from back then:

"Hello, this is NariaTa.

The results of the detailed examinations conducted during my hospitalization over the last week are out. I've been diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma (stages 1-2). Among lymphomas, this is relatively one with a better treatment prognosis, which I find very fortunate. Still, cancer is cancer, so I've started chemotherapy!

My first hospital stay will be about a week long. After that, the plan seems to be to get hospitalized for about 3 days every 2-3 weeks. The treatment process will continue like this for about 6-8 months before we evaluate the prognosis. Typically, going through one cycle like this resolves the issue, or so I've been told. I guess I'll know more once I start chemotherapy.

After the first treatment, I'll check for any side effects of the medication and my physical condition, and then decide on my publishing schedule. If the chemotherapy doesn't affect me too much and I feel up to writing...!

While it might be difficult to maintain my regular schedule of publishing 5 days a week, I'm considering publishing 5 times a week on the weeks when I'm not undergoing chemotherapy. If the chemotherapy makes it too difficult to write, I'll focus on treatment and try to build up a reserve of content.

I feel like I've rested enough, and I'm already itching to start publishing again. There are so many stories I want to share with you. I hope things will go in a direction that allows me to keep publishing.

...To be honest, I'm a bit scared.

It's a relief to have caught it early and to have a good prognosis, but undergoing chemotherapy in my mid-twenties isn't exactly normal. It feels unfair, especially since I've never really done anything to harm my body.

My daily life has been suddenly shattered.

I have to put my regular publications on hold.

I'm filled with sudden anxiety.

There's a lot I have to brace myself for.

Just when I thought things were going well, life proves to be not so simple. But I'm trying to stay strong. I hope to return as soon as possible. Thank you all for your support!!"

Please give him your best wishes so he recovers soon and comes back healthy. I hope you guys will stick around and read other novels we translate while waiting for Najin to be back. Thank you!

Check out https://wetriedtls.com/series/a-knight-who-eternally-regresses in the meantime if you're looking for another story to read.
See you soon!

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