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I'm an Infinite Regressor, But I've Got Stories to Tell

(무한 회귀자인데 썰 푼다 | The Tales of an Infinite Regressor | Infinite Regressor Stories)
OngoingAction FantasyDramaThrillerComedy
[Infinite Regression Genre] In any fantasy novel, regression is a guaranteed cheat key! What if it’s the ability of [Infinite Regression]? There'd be no need to worry about any bad endings. After all, the protagonist would eventually reach a happy ending. “Cheat key, my foot.” I tried it myself just to find out otherwise. The myths of regressors' success depicted in all those novels are actually fake… It was all just vile propaganda! “This run is doomed too.” This is not a story of success; it’s a tale on the aftermath of failures. Thus begins the heartfelt documentary of a man with 1183 runs of experience!

Release year2024
Total views189.1K
Total chapters123


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