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Chapter 171

Infinite Mage


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Chapter 171: Kergos Autonomous District (3)

Outsiders trampled over Kergos with all sorts of excuses and justifications. Many women lost their purity under the guise of security inspections. No matter how twisted his comrade's hatred became, it was impossible to side with the outsiders.

"I will begin the inspection now. You, come here and raise your arms."

Amy stood her ground, refusing and wary at the same time.

If the man had not been a master, she would have struck him the moment she was insulted. But his killing intent was unusual. If a fight broke out, it would cause chaos, and this was not a suitable place for such an act.

"This is too much to watch."

Rian stepped in front of Amy. Although Amy might be better at assessing the situation, if the opponent intended to humiliate a woman, it was right for him to step in.

"Even though Falcoa is dead, Freeman's organization remains strong. If you treat us like this, you won’t escape unscathed either."

Rian's strategy of leveraging Freeman's influence was clever. Amy also thought it was a good method.

However, the Kergonians were more belligerent than expected.

Mahatu's face turned red, as if his reverse scale had been touched.

"Is this a challenge? Come at me as much as you want. Kergonians do not run away."

-Everyone, step back. Mahatu is focusing his mind.

Arin informed them through the mental channel.

By the time she finished speaking, everyone could feel it. Even the usually insensitive Rian sensed the powerful aura.

Amy aimed her Spirit Zone at Mahatu. Depending on how high Mahatu's killing intent soared, her combat strategy would be decided.


At that moment, a horn sound echoed from the other side of the cave.

It was loud enough to reach deep into the winding tunnel, giving a sense of its volume.

As the horn's sound spread throughout the cave, Mahatu looked at the entrance with surprised eyes.

His comrades' reactions were even more severe. They trembled as if they couldn't believe it.

"Mahatu, that's the horn of Jin-Gok. What in the world...?"

Before his comrade could finish speaking, Mahatu leaped forward.

"Damn it! Why is the horn of Jin-Gok sounding? Has a war broken out?"

The horn of Jin-Gok was the highest level of alert set by the Kergos tribe. Upon hearing this sound, all tribesmen must gather at the source of the sound immediately. There were no exceptions, and noncompliance would be punished.

Once the natives disappeared, Amy's group fell into confusion as well.

"What is this? Something must be happening outside."

"We should go check it out. It's dangerous to stay in a dead-end."

Amy's group left the cave and headed towards the source of the sound.

They arrived at a massive plaza where seven tunnels converged.

Natives were gathering, but there were so many that it was hard to see what was happening.

The noise of the crowd made it difficult to communicate. They hoped for a mental channel, but Arin was just staring at the platform.

"Kneel and worship! The messenger of the god who will save us has come!"

An old man on the platform shouted. At his command, over a thousand people knelt and shouted in unison.

"We welcome the messenger of the god."

The crowd seemed to collapse, revealing the old man and Shirone standing in front of him.

Shirone's eyes met Amy's as he looked around. Although they had only been apart for two hours, he had experienced so many absurd situations that he could hardly contain his emotions.


The people who had been shouting for the god's messenger fell silent. The silence spread out in concentric circles, and some people looked at Amy.

Among them was Mahatu. Amy felt she would never forget the look of confusion on his face.


The natives' gazes returned to Shirone, intent on not missing a single word from his mouth.

Shirone's face turned into a frown.

"Amy, what's with these people? I can't understand a word they're saying."

Seeing Shirone almost on the verge of tears, Amy scratched her eyebrow.

And she thought to herself.

How should I know?


As Shirone moved forward, the crowd parted like bamboo being split. The fact that they moved in perfect unison even while bowing was a sign of their tension.

Shirone's face was haggard. Being exposed to an unknown language for two hours was exhausting.

Usually, people give up on conversation if they can't understand the language, but the temple's executors never left Shirone alone for a moment.

"I was about to die from frustration. Every time I said something, they bowed, so I ended up not saying a single word. Why are these people acting like this towards me?"

"I don't know. We just got here ourselves. Did you pass the test?"

"Yeah, I think so, but there's a bit of a problem."

"A problem? What problem?"

Explaining the scene from the Room of Achievement and Sacrifice would take too long, and this wasn't a good time.

The old man who had blown the horn approached Shirone.

Following behind the old man was Mahatu. His mind was in turmoil. If Shirone was indeed the god's messenger, it meant he had opened all eight dimensions of the Mirror of Time, but seeing a fluffy-haired boy was shocking.

-Absolute obedience to the god's messenger.

This was something he had heard countless times since childhood.

Unlike the religious beliefs of outsiders, for Kergonians, the god was a real power to be obeyed like subjects to a king.

Mahatu quickened his pace and approached Shirone. If he was indeed the god's messenger, Mahatu had to atone for the rudeness shown to Amy's group before facing the old man.

"Revered god's messenger, forgive my presumption, but are these people your comrades?"

As Zis approached to translate, Mahatu raised his hand to stop him.

"No, if there's someone using mental magic, let them enable me to communicate with the god's messenger directly."

Mahatu realized this when Amy's voice had grown louder.

Usually, when talking through an interpreter, speech becomes simple and short, but some parts seemed to be understood quite accurately in Kergosian.

Arin's Spirit Zone permeated Mahatu's shadow.

Shirone was startled by the voice echoing in his head but quickly understood what was happening and nodded.

Mahatu, understanding that they were ready, repeated his question.

"God's messenger, are these people your comrades?"

"Yes. They are my friends."

Mahatu nodded heavily. He wasn't afraid of dying, but offending the god's messenger's friends was a mistake that could endanger the entire tribe's fate.

The downfall of Kergos wasn't due to the lupe uprising or the volcanic eruption. Officially, that's what was said, but the hidden truth was that no one knew.

Kergonians had angered an angel.

And the boy standing before him was the descendant of that angel.

The 500-year-old tale passed down through generations was deeply rooted in the subconscious fear of the current Kergonians.

Mahatu's expression changed from defeat to fear, and then, as if he had made up his mind, he resumed his original expression, knelt deeply, and shouted.

"Forgive me! Please kill me! I have greatly offended your comrades!"

"Offended? How did you offend them? You didn't use violence, did you?"

Shirone's vigilance triggered by their almost fanatical behavior, made him snap. He wouldn't forgive them if they had harmed his friends.

"Oh, it's nothing much. Just a little skirmish. You know, the kind we usually have."

Amy's words were almost like slang. There had indeed been a conflict, but the situation was complicated, and she hoped they could move past it.

Mahatu looked up at Amy gratefully. Relieved that he hadn't jeopardized his race, he stepped back and made way for the old man.

Introducing himself as Hashid, an elder of the Kergos tribe, the old man posed a meaningful question to Shirone.

"Did you come with the message from Lord Miro?"

Shirone recalled the scene from the Room of Achievement and Sacrifice. Although it had passed quickly, each fragment of information was vivid.

When Shirone nodded, the elder turned and leaned on his staff.

The gathered natives awaited his answer.

"At last, the god's messenger has come to Kergos!"

Shirone's group covered their ears. As soon as Hashid finished speaking, the natives roared like warriors.

The cave echoed with sound, threatening to burst the ceiling.

Amidst the cries of joy, the sound of weeping occasionally mixed in. Barefooted people approached and knelt before Shirone.

"God's messenger, my child is sick. Please heal them."

With Arin's channel connected to Mahatu, she could understand the woman's plea. But Shirone didn't have the ability to heal the sick.

A nearby old man, crawling on his knees, held out his hands, begging.

"Please give us food! My family is starving."

This started a chain reaction as more people arrived.

"Grant me eternal life!"

"Please spare my daughter Atore! She has a fiancé!"

"Make me a woman!"

Arin, unable to bear the cacophony, covered her eyes as well. The sight conveyed through her telepathy was so saturated with red it was like watching boiling lava. If she absorbed any more of the people's desperation, her mind would collapse.

"Canis! The voices are too loud!"

"Close the channel. You might get hurt."

Shirone, trapped by the crowd, couldn't move. Though Arin canceled her telepathy, making translation impossible, the emotional waves continued to press against her heart. It felt like collective hypnosis. The key emotion was madness.

Shirone looked to Hashid and Mahatu for help, but they could only look at their kin with sorrowful eyes.

"Everyone, be silent!"

A man's shout cut through the noise, bringing instant silence.

A young man accompanied by burly warriors walked from the northern tunnel. Though not tall, his bulging muscles overwhelmed even his guards. His long hair was tied back, and his face bore golden tattoos.

Arin finally opened her eyes.

The emotions she perceived through her telepathy were of reverence.

But that wasn't all.

There was also fear. The emotion was typical of someone facing an iron-fisted ruler. The man was undoubtedly the leader of Kergos.

Introducing himself, the man approached Shirone.

"I am Kadum, chieftain of Kergos. I will take care of you from now on."

Shirone consulted his friends.

No one opposed. To achieve anything in the self-governing district, they had to meet this person at least once.

And this marked the end of Zis's task.

Shirone, showing his regret, spoke.

"We'll handle it from here. It might be dangerous."

Zis nodded without showing any discomfort. It was his lack of unnecessary pride that made Shirone's group trust him.

As they shook hands, Zis spoke with concern.

"Be careful. The self-governing district seems very different from the Kergos I know."

"Yeah. There won't be any trouble. Thanks for translating."

"I'm glad I could help. Once this is over, come to my house. Yuna and I will have plenty of good food ready."

Shirone requested Kadum to escort Zis to the ruins. Several people eagerly volunteered to guide Shirone, wanting to follow his orders. Arin picked someone trustworthy.

Zis left the self-governing district with a large warrior.

Kadum led Shirone's group into the cave.

Even after walking for 20 minutes, they hadn't reached their destination. If this path were a dead-end, any traveler would have collapsed by now.

A maze doesn't just involve complex design. The scale of the self-governing district's labyrinth was overwhelming.

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