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Saving a Famous Streamer in the Hidden Dungeon

(Saving the hidden dungeon's famous streamer, 俺だけ裏ダンジョンに潜っていた件~表ダンジョンをクリアした美少女有名配信者が1Fのゴブリンにボコられてたのを助けたら彼女に粘着されてそれ以来なんかバズってる~)
OngoingAction FantasyRomanceComedySlice of Life
Kazuki, who's hobby is dungeon diving, is a low-level adventurer who could only climb to the 10th floor of a 50 floor dungeon. The average floor a normal adventurer could reach was the 30th floor. While adventurers in his level were easily going past the 20th floor, Kazuki was ridiculed for not having any talent as an adventurer. However, Kazuki was actually the only one who had been diving into the hidden dungeon!

Release year2023
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Total chapters9


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