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Chapter 401

SSS-Class Hunter who Dies to Live


Translator: Ryuu

Editor: Abstract

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Author’s Afterword:

Hello, this is Sinnoa!

The story of SSS-Class Suicide Hunter, also known as [Suicide Hunter], has come to an end today. I couldn't ask for more if you enjoyed it.

There might be side stories in the future, but for now, the main story has concluded...!

Answering what SSS-Class Suicide Hunter is about isn't an easy task for me as the author. Putting aside the fact that it mixes many genres, the title itself is SSS-Class Suicide Hunter...

Speaking of the title, there was a chance to change it to 'A Hunter who Dies to Live' before it went premium. Sometimes I wonder if it would have been better that way. However, after going premium, the ISBN was registered, so... (..) it became impossible to change...

I sincerely thank all the readers who have spent a long time with a novel titled as such...!

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter was a story about loneliness.

How to deal with loneliness, how incredible a person who can make someone feel not lonely is, wasn't it a story about what it means to be a savior?

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter was a story about life.

You don't need shining talent, strength, or skills. It was a story that there is value in being alive, even if you can't prove anything to the world or are failing to do so.

SSS-Class Suicide Hunter was a story about death.

It was a story about love and friendship, about choices and responsibilities.

I'm not confident if I have successfully conveyed all these themes I eagerly wanted to include. Looking back, there always seem to be shortcomings and regrets. If I, the author, see them, I can only imagine how the readers must feel, leaving me without a face to show. It's all due to my lack of capacity as an author.

Yet, this inadequate story was able to reach so many of you by chance and receive such generous love.

I'm grateful to everyone on the JPlus management team who spared no support for Sinnoa's first work, to Manager Jong-seong Lim, who leveled up from agent to manager midway, to Cornbits who drew the first cover, to Mintaka KIM who drew the second cover, to Phantasmagoric Beetle, and to everyone who supported us.

And of course, to all the readers who read this work.

If it weren't for your company, love, and support, it would have been impossible for me to complete this journey.

As a writer who sits in front of a monitor to work, it's easy to forget that you are always living with people and writing for people living in reality.

Thanks to the voices, comments, and interest of the readers, I was able to barely remember that fact. At least, I could try not to forget it.

Thank you.

Because of you, Suicide Hunter was possible, and beyond that, I was able to be here.

I will continue to work hard!

My next work will likely start being written after at least a year. In the meantime, I plan to spend time learning things I lacked and wanted to learn by attending classes. I hope to return a bit more grown when we meet again.

The weather is getting hotter. This summer is expected to boast the worst heatwave in recent years, and it seems the novel coronavirus is still lurking, holding its breath.

Please take care of your health.

Have a great day.

This was Sinnoa.

Translator's Afterword:

Hello, dear readers! This is the translator, Ryuu.

I find myself at a loss for words now that our adventure has reached its grand finale. It's been a wild ride, filled with laughter, tears, and more than a few moments of existential pondering (and the occasional desperate search through the glossary).

Who could forget the time we first met Kim Gong-Ja, our hero with a penchant for flirting with death more frequently than a lovestruck teenager with their first crush? Or the introduction of the Tower Master, who made us all pause and wonder, "Is this what Gandalf would be like if he got really into administrative work?"

Translating this novel was no small feat. There were times when the cultural nuances were as tricky to navigate as a minefield in stilettos. And let's not even get started on the puns and jokes that made me wish I had a lifeline to call a native speaker, or perhaps a friendly neighborhood spirit with a knack for languages.

One of the most memorable challenges was certainly the title itself. "SSS-Class Suicide Hunter" - a name that sparks more curiosity than a cat in a room full of laser pointers. It's a title that made every coffee shop writing session an adventure in itself, with passersby casting puzzled glances my way, probably wondering if I was working on a self-help book with a very niche audience.

And who could forget our forays into the philosophical? Discussions about loneliness, the value of life, and the essence of friendship often left me pondering my own existence and reaching for the nearest tub of ice cream for comfort. This novel wasn't just a story; it was a journey into the soul.

To the readers who stuck with us through thick and thin, through every misinterpreted idiom and every cultural reference turned comedic goldmine, I salute you. Your comments, theories, and occasional corrections were the wind beneath my wings, the espresso shot in my morning coffee.

As we close this chapter (pun intended), I can't help but feel a mix of relief and melancholy. Relief because my nights will no longer be haunted by the fear of mistranslating a pivotal plot twist. Melancholy because I'll miss our daily rendezvous with Kim Gong-Ja and his merry band of misfits.

But fear not! Like any good serial, the end is never truly the end. There are side stories to anticipate, and who knows? Perhaps our paths will cross again haha.

Until then, keep reading, keep questioning, and most importantly, keep laughing at the absurdity of it all.

See you around, hopefully enjoying more of my works,


Editor’s Afterword:

Bruh, Ryuu really wrote a lot. Anyways, I’m the editor of this series, Abstract.

I joined the team mid-way through the series and enjoyed my time editing the series. Although I never really understood what the MC or author were tryna do, but hey, shit was good XD.

Thank you all for sticking with us until the end of the series and I hope y’all stick around for more since Ryuu is gonna go goblin mode soon. See ya around folks!

P.S. If you’d like more of the author’s works, check out https://wetriedtls.com/series/im-an-infinite-regressor-but-ive-got-stories-to-tell which we also translate :D

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