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The Nine Heavens Swordmaster

(Heavenly Inquisition Sword | 구천구검 )
OngoingAction FantasyDramaMartial Arts

"Do not even strike with a flower. For he is the master of the Nine Heavens."

Yeon Juk-Ha, born a concubine's son, endured all kinds of violence and harassment from his stepmother and half-siblings. When his father also dies from illness, his stepmother locks him away in a storeroom...

Isolated from the world and confined in a storeroom for ten years, he acquires extraordinary martial arts and escapes into the world!

"I have quite a bit of resentment towards the Yeons."

The unbridled journey of Yeon Juk-Ha, the sole successor of the Nine Heavens Master Sword, now begins!

Release year2018
Total views547
AuthorJo Jin Haeng
Total chapters1


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