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Chapter 26

My Platinum-Blonde Childhood Friend is Too Pretty




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◈ My Platinum-Blonde Childhood Friend is Too Pretty


Chapter 26: After Just a Few Hours Apart (2) (feat. Elli)




Elli had been missing Lee Do-yoon since she left home, merely 5 minutes into her journey.


'It's so annoying.'


She was immensely irritated by his absence, frustrated at the thought of not seeing him for at least the next 8 hours.


She regretted not bringing him along, but she had insisted he not come on her first day, unwilling to expose her inexperienced self during her debut as a fitting model to him.


Engulfed in loneliness of her own making, Elli leaned her head against the car window, lost in the lingering sensation of their kiss.


And then it hit her.


She hated being apart from Lee Do-yoon, to the extent that she even loathed the occasional trips to Sweden with her father.


It wasn't just a matter of days now; even a few hours without him became unbearable, a testament to how much she cared for him.


A realization she was already aware of, yet it struck her anew.



"Boss, shouldn't we scale up this promotion? It's guaranteed to be a hit! How can anyone not click on this?"


"Exactly. Let's shoot as much as we can today, and make sure to prepare for the next schedule."


"It's almost swimsuit season though…"


"Let's see about swimsuits. She's still in high school, and her parents might not approve, even if she's okay with it."




The atmosphere was chaotic and bustling.


In the midst of it all, Elli, adorned more lavishly than she had imagined with a stylist's touch, couldn't deny the enjoyment of the moment.


From head to toe, she was dressed to impress, changing into the latest fashion trends.


"Raise your gaze a bit more! Yes, just like that!"


Under the bright studio lights, responding to precise instructions, she found the process…


Fun, indeed.


Even this somewhat relaxed photoshoot, meant for teenagers and apparently not taken too seriously, was enjoyable.


She wondered how much more thrilling actual modeling would be.


This first experience as a fitting model was immensely satisfying for Elli.


But that was all there was to it.


Fun, yes, but…


'When does this end?'


Frankly speaking.


She preferred the times spent holding hands with Lee Do-yoon during evening study sessions, challenging each other with questions written on their palms.


Or the nights spent talking side by side in bed, shoulders touching.


No matter how much fun this job was, it couldn't compare to those simple moments with him.


"Alicia, you're doing incredibly well. Just keep it up till the end."




"You're so beautiful, and the fit is perfect… Ever thought about pursuing this as a career? I sincerely recommend it."


"I'll consider it."


"Please do. I had high expectations from your photos, but you're exceeding them by a hundredfold. Sorry for the long shoot. We'll compensate you more than initially promised."


"Thank you."


"Thank you? Instead, please let us count on you next time too. Swimsuit season is coming up…"


While Elli was flattered by the shopping mall owner's praises, it wasn't as heartwarming as a single compliment from Lee Do-yoon.


Even after hours had passed, her childhood friend's face lingered in her mind.


Normally, whenever she wanted to see him, she could, but now that she couldn't, her longing intensified.


During a break, she closed her eyes, vividly imagining Lee Do-yoon's smiling face, accessible to her mind anytime.


Why did she fall for him so deeply?


It was inevitable.


He was the only one who reached out to her despite her prickly responses.


From childhood, amidst the subtle ostracization for being 'different,' he was the constant, smiling presence by her side.


He always sincerely complimented her beauty and looked at her with affectionate eyes.


It was virtually impossible not to fall for him.


[Do-yoon: Min-jae's sister is nice, so it's comfortable here.]


'How annoying.'


That's why.


Even his casual praise for another girl sparked jealousy in her.


She wanted to be the only one reflected in his clear, bright eyes.


She didn't want him working at a café where phrases like 'There's a handsome guy there' might be thrown around.


She wished for a swift, real kiss.


All because of that.


"Our daughter looks so beautiful today~"


"You suit it well, Elli. Maybe you should seriously consider modeling?"


Her parents, ever supportive, encouraged her amidst the shoot.


Though she longed for Lee Do-yoon, she couldn't let it affect her work and gave it her all.


Her parents must have sensed her genuine enjoyment, perhaps even thinking she might want to pursue modeling for real.


However, Elli decided then and there.


'Modeling will just be a part-time job.'


Just being a fitting model required separation; how much more if she dove into modeling studies and the profession?


Sure, Lee Do-yoon would follow her with a bright smile wherever she asked, but that wasn't what she wanted.


Even if she wanted to monopolize him now, she didn't want to keep wielding that power over him into adulthood.


She wanted him to pursue his own desires while reaching out to her.


She knew he saw her as a princess who didn't wait for a prince but blazed her own trail.


And she knew he thought of her that way.


But the truth was different.


Elli wanted to be the waiting princess.


Not the adventurous one alongside a prince, but the one with a gentle smile, waiting to be rescued, to be picked up.




She just…


'Missed you.'


Wanted to spend every day with Lee Do-yoon.


'Every day, I missed you.'


Cooking his favorite dishes by his side.


'Before closing my eyes, upon opening them. Always.'


Quietly by his side.


'Closest to you… I missed you.'


She dreamt of a future where they were a family.



Elli's first gig as a fitting model ended without a hitch.


"For a first-timer, your poses and expressions are great, and you're very photogenic."


"You're easy to communicate with… It's like a cheat that you look 100% foreign but are fully Korean inside."


"Alicia's mom, we've set the best conditions for a model part-timer, so please let us have her next time…"


Receiving ample praise and thankfully not showing any disgraceful behavior.


However, not everything went smoothly.


"You're still in high school, right? Wow, I've seen many models, but your aura is top-notch…"


There was a peculiar male model at the site, trying to cozy up to her, knowing she spoke Korean well.


"Is there something you need from my daughter? I believe we asked you to refrain from unnecessary conversations unrelated to work."


Jung Ye-rin's icy cover, devoid of her usual gentleness, served as the first line of defense.


"If it makes you uncomfortable, let's not call him next time. After this job, delete his contact."


"What? Just because I talked to a girl during her break…"


"Thanks for your work so far."


With just a hint of discomfort from their side, the shopping mall owner, Lee Ha-young, decisively cut ties with the model.


He was just another part-time model aspirant, and it seemed there were already displeasing aspects before Jung Ye-rin and Elli's decisive action in front of them cleaned things up smoothly.


And as if nothing happened, she approached with a smile, making another offer.


"If swimsuits are a bit much, how about trying hot pants or dolphin shorts? Your legs and silhouette are so beautiful, I'd really like to ask for your help."


Elli chuckled at her crafty demeanor, finding the owner likable.


"I'll discuss it more with my parents and get back to you. I'd like to try it too."


"Really?! Then, let's talk soon… Oh, isn't there an exam in high school soon? Just let me know by the end of April, okay?"


"Okay. Mom, is that okay?"


"Of course~ If you want to do it, mom will always support you."


"Ahem. Dad too."


She might not pursue modeling as a career, but being a fitting model seemed appealing, and consistently showing up here seemed like a good idea.


If she had conveyed this to Lee Ha-young, the excitement of having such talent as a regular fitting model might have brought her to tears with a contract offer.


Regrettably, that day's work concluded there.


And upon returning home, Elli awaited Lee Do-yoon.


While waiting, she pondered.


'Should I try being a bit more affectionate?'


Remembering her longing for him that day made her sentimental.


Truthfully, she always harbored such thoughts, but shyness led to her inadvertently sharp tone.


She jogged in the mornings and did her best to groom herself to look good for him, so of course, she would have paid attention to her speech.


But when the time came, and she waited for him outside the apartment, and finally faced Lee Do-yoon, albeit a bit late...


"Huh? You were waiting here? It's chilly, why not wait inside…"


"You let me wait in the cold, and now you show up? Wanna die?"




The words came out reflexively.


Elli thought, 'This isn't what I wanted,' but turned her head away with a pout.


'So stupid…'


She felt a bit self-reproachful, but it wasn't a big deal.


After all, speaking to Lee Do-yoon this way wasn't new, and such trivial matters were less important than...






"I really missed you today. I kept thinking about you while drawing."


The unexpected confession made her heart flutter despite the cool evening.


Her heart raced, and she couldn't help but smile, overwhelmed with joy that he felt the same.


"But why hang out until now? Couldn't you have hurried back?"


Yet her heart and words were out of sync.


She knew it was silly, but still...




He apologized lightly, as always, with a warm smile.


"You must've been cold waiting for me, right? Should we do it now?"


"…Do it."






The slight advancement in his approach pleased her.


His encircling arms felt good.


The moment she looked up into his face while nestled in his embrace was precious.




The touch of their lips was sweet.


This kiss... During the bijou, their mingling breaths heated her body, prompting her to hug him tighter.




She refused to let the bijou end.


Lingering with their lips pressed together.


Elli, smiling at Lee Do-yoon's adorable face as if she didn't mind the endless bijou, held back.


She resisted the urge to deepen the kiss, to invite his tongue.


'Hurry up and confess and kiss me. As soon as possible.'


It was her stubborn pride and desire to be the demure princess, awaiting the prince's kiss.


Of course...


'If you keep dodging, I won't hold back.'


This was her last patience.


If he continued to torment her this way until summer, she wouldn't wait.




'Hurry and kiss me. You're mine, and I'm yours.'


With that thought, channeling all the frustration of the day, they shared a prolonged kiss.





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Chapter 26

My Platinum-Blonde Childhood Friend is Too Pretty


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