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Chapter 32

My Platinum-Blonde Childhood Friend is Too Pretty


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◈ My Platinum-Blonde Childhood Friend is Too Pretty

Chapter 32: Finally, Our Beginning (3)

Though I had thought of all kinds of flowery words to set the mood, at this moment, my mind was completely blank.

I simply conveyed my sincere feelings to my beloved childhood friend.


Elli didn't respond immediately to my confession. 

But her expression said it all. 

Her cheeks flushed with a rosy glow, her eyes widened before curving into crescents, and her lips curled into a delightful smile.

A smile so beautiful it made me feel like a flower was blooming right before my eyes.

And then, slowly, Elli's red lips parted.


However, no sound came out. It seemed she was searching for the right words, or perhaps trying to gather her emotions.


Her mouth opened and closed again. After a moment of chewing on her thoughts, she finally spoke.

"I... I like you too."

Her voice trembled slightly as she replied to my confession.

At that moment, even though I had expected her to say yes, the happiness that filled my heart was overwhelming.

Looking at Elli's beautiful smile as she said she liked me, I wanted to embrace her and kiss her right then and there.

But Elli spoke first.

"Since we were 5... Lee Do-yoon, you've been mine. From then until now, you've always been mine."

"Yeah. That's right. I've always been yours."

I confirmed her words, proudly expressing her possessiveness over me.

I had always been Elli's.

In the past, now, and in the future.



"I'm yours. I was yours, and I will always be yours."

Elli had always been mine.

"And, and..."

The corners of my childhood friend's—no, my girlfriend's—lips quivered.

Unable to hold back her laughter, her face beamed with joy and excitement as she repeated "And..."


Then she noticed the ring case on my hand, which she had momentarily forgotten about during our confession. Her eyes sparkled with excitement.

She fidgeted, clearly eager for me to put the ring on her finger as soon as possible.

Seeing that, I smiled with the happiness overflowing from my heart and said to her,

"Give me your left hand?"


Elli, smiling happily like me, scoffed lightly. 

With a slight tilt of her chin, she haughtily extended her left hand.

"Put it on."

She spoke with an air of authority, as if this was something I ought to do. Her attitude was more queenly than princess-like, making me want to hug and kiss her right then and there.

Barely suppressing that urge, I opened the case.

Inside was a silver ring, inscribed with both of our names, perfectly matching the platinum princess.


I placed my left hand under Elli's pale left hand for support.

Then, holding the ring between my thumb and index finger, I slowly slid it onto her slender ring finger.

Thankfully, the ring fit perfectly, slipping onto her finger with a gentle twist.

The thin, silver ring with a diamond-like gemstone and spiral design nestled snugly on her finger.

"So pretty."

Elli extended her arm, lifting her left hand to gaze at the ring on her finger, clearly pleased.

After a brief moment of admiration, she spoke again.

"Give me your hand."

Taking the remaining ring from the case, she held my left hand and slipped the ring onto my ring finger.

Now, matching couple rings adorned both our ring fingers, and Elli intertwined our fingers.

She looked down at me, still kneeling.

We stared at each other in silence, enjoying the romantic and beautiful atmosphere, surrounded by the night view's shimmering lights.

Then, Elli's eyebrows furrowed.

She seemed dissatisfied about something, her eyes narrowing slightly.

'...What could it be?'

I wondered, noticing her lips moving silently.

It dawned on me that I had forgotten something important, something Elli had been looking forward to all day along with my confession.


Elli's face began to show signs of impatience and annoyance. I quickly stood up, realizing my oversight.

Facing Elli, I placed my hands on her shoulders.

Instantly, her expression softened, and she closed her eyes.

She lifted her chin slightly, puckering her lips.

Slowly, I leaned in and kissed my platinum, snow-white princess.


Unlike our usual pecks, I parted my lips slightly.

As soon as my lips touched hers, Elli also opened her mouth.

Our noses touched, and our soft lips pressed together.

"Chuup... Smack..."

I gently licked Elli's lips with my tongue, lightly sucking on them.

This wasn't just a peck.

It was a kiss.

I tasted the flavor of her lip balm, but before I could savor it, her soft tongue met mine inside her open mouth.

Soft, small, and lovable.

Elli's tongue intertwined with mine.

"Chuup... Hahum..."

A shiver of pleasure ran up my spine.

I knew kissing someone you love, mixing tongues and sharing saliva, would feel good, but it was better than I had imagined.

Elli clung to my arm, pulling me closer as if she didn't want to let go.

Her rough tongue playfully clung to mine.

"Haa... Chuuup..."

With our hot breaths mingling endlessly.

We shared a romantic and sweet first kiss.

"Let's ride it again."

When we got off the Ferris wheel after a round, Elli, her face slightly disheveled and flushed, breathing heavily, grabbed my collar and spoke.

"Yeah. Let's do that."

I nodded and quickly ran to get another ticket.

We barely made it before closing time, and I managed to buy tickets just in time.

Still dazed, we lined up again.

When we boarded the Ferris wheel for the second time,


Elli pushed me down onto the seat.

Then, sitting sideways on my lap, she wrapped her arms around my neck.

I embraced her, and this time, she kissed me without closing her eyes.

"Chuuup... Chuup..."

Just like before, she licked my lips with her tongue, deepening the kiss.

But it wasn't just about kissing; occasionally, she'd pull back, rest her forehead against mine, and whisper.

"I like you, Elli."

I'd confess my feelings repeatedly.

Every time I did, Elli would smile softly and kiss me.

She'd kiss my lips, cheeks, and the touch of her tongue would send shivers down my spine.

For the entire 15-minute ride, Elli's saliva covered my face.

Alternating between my confessions and Elli's kisses, the Ferris wheel ride ended again.

Just before we got off, I confessed one last time.

"älskar dig, Ellie (I love you, Elli)."


"jag älskar dig också (I love you too)."

She confessed her love back.

Elli and I left the amusement park.

From the Ferris wheel to the bus stop in front of Familyland, Elli didn't just hold my hand; she clung to my arm.


Her arm wrapped around mine, and I could feel her body's curves against my arm, though I enjoyed the sensation, I didn't show it outwardly.

With a feeling that the world's landscape had somehow changed, we stuck close together as a couple.



We shared countless kisses and now, as an official couple, we enjoyed the lingering warmth of our silence.

Perhaps it was a bit embarrassing.

Even though I felt a tickling happiness inside, the joy of having Elli cling to me made me speechless.

After boarding the bus and arriving at the train station,

We sat side by side on a bench at the platform, waiting for the KTX.


I called out, and Elli, who had been resting her head on my shoulder, turned to look at me.

Her platinum blonde hair fell to the side, her blue eyes held my gaze, her small, sharp nose, and her red lips, which had passionately kissed me, looked so beautiful that I kissed her before I could speak.


Though it wasn't a deep kiss with tongues intertwining, it felt different.

It was similar to our usual pecks, but different from a deep kiss.

I couldn't quite explain why, but it was different.


Seeing my girlfriend smile and enjoy the kiss without saying a word made my heart flutter.

"Are you cold? Should I give you my cardigan?"

Even though I knew Elli was resistant to the cold, the cool night air made me worry as her boyfriend.

But at my words, Elli's eyes narrowed in a frown.

"Are you an idiot?"

My girlfriend suddenly criticized me.

I wondered what I had done wrong this time and why she was frowning so cutely.

Rather than being anxious about her anger, I found myself enjoying the moment and asked,

"Why am I an idiot?"

"Why would you take off your clothes when I'm cold?"

"Then what should I do?"

"Just hug me. Why would you take off your outerwear? Then you'd be cold."


Realizing that Elli's anger was justified, I acknowledged my mistake. My girlfriend was very smart.

"Okay then. Let go of my arm for a moment. I'll hug you."

I admitted my mistake and asked Elli.


"Want to die?"

She snapped again.

"You can't hug me while holding hands? Didn't I tell you not to let go of my hand today? Want to die for real?"


She wasn't actually cold, so I had intended to hug her while we sat side by side. But that wasn't what Elli wanted.

And even though we were arm in arm, I instinctively knew it wasn't a good idea to point out that fact and provoke her.

Having made Elli angry twice in a row, I resolved not to make a third mistake.

"Elli. Will you sit here?"

I patted my lap, suggesting she sit on my knee like she did in the Ferris wheel earlier.


Now pleased, Elli scoffed and stood up from the bench, then settled herself sideways on my lap.

As she moved, she released my arm, but we held hands again immediately.

I wrapped my free arm around her waist, enjoying the pleasant weight on my thighs.

Elli, looking down at me from her elevated position, brushed her hair aside with one hand.

"Smack... Umm..."

She started kissing me again. Not just one kiss, but repeatedly, looking into my eyes as she did so.

"Smack, smack..."

During our kisses, we naturally let go of each other's hands. I wrapped both arms around Elli, and she encircled her arms around my neck.

"Hah... Churrup..."

It felt like we were unleashing all the pent-up desire we had held back during our usual kisses. Our tongues intertwined again, mixing saliva and lips pressing together.

There wasn't a single thought of it being gross.

It was simply sweet.

Feeling Elli's tongue exploring my mouth, and my own tongue roaming hers, brought indescribable joy.

Even though we were in a quiet corner of the station with few people around, we wouldn't have cared if someone saw us. We were completely absorbed in our kiss.

After spending some time like this, about 30 minutes later, we received some unfortunate news.

"The tracks have an issue, causing a delay... The last train has been canceled."

Our train, which was supposed to take us home, had vanished.

With no other choice, we stepped out of the train station into the cool night air, realizing we were stranded.

Elli clung to my arm, and we looked around, trying to figure out what to do next.

"Should we find a hotel for the night?"

"Yeah, let's do that."

It was the most practical solution. We couldn't just wander around all night, and there were no other transport options available.

We walked to the nearest hotel and checked in, getting a room with two beds to maintain some semblance of decency, though we both knew we were past that point.

Once inside the room, we sat on one of the beds, holding hands and looking at each other. The day's events had been overwhelming, and we were both exhausted but happy.

"Elli, are you okay with this?"

"Of course. As long as I'm with you."

Her smile reassured me, and I felt my worries melt away.

We talked for a while longer, about everything and nothing, until the fatigue of the day caught up with us. Elli eventually laid down, and I followed suit, lying beside her.

She snuggled close, resting her head on my chest. We lay there in silence, simply enjoying each other's presence.

"I love you, Do-yoon."

"I love you too, Elli."

Our whispered confessions were the last words spoken before we drifted off to sleep, the day's excitement and the future's promise filling our dreams.

And so, our journey as a couple truly began.


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