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Chapter 348

SSS-Class Hunter who Dies to Live




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Chapter 348: The Voyage of the Full Moon (5)




What I ended up doing was… Well, my friend told me to keep doing what I've been doing, right? For the sake of our friendship, I couldn't see why I shouldn’t heed such a request.


To be more specific about what I was doing.


"We acknowledge our complete defeat..."


I was going around the world, making the mayors of cities kneel.


"Here, we offer these tribute items as a sign of our submission. Please, look upon our city with mercy..."


A hundred citizens offered me a deal at the same time. The deal? It was nothing much. I would not visit their city again for the next six months, and in return, the citizens would bow deeply to me.


[The port city of Batarran acknowledges its defeat to you.]


[With this, you have become a merchant who has made 6 cities kneel.]


[The citizens of the city are very dissatisfied with this trade!]


[You are very satisfied with this trade.]


[Once again, you alone have reaped tremendous benefits.]


Due to the irregular known as me, the Heaven of Gold was in ruins.


It was akin to a kind of famine.


The cities I visited would inevitably have their citizens' secrets exposed. Unable to endure it, the citizens would surrender unconditionally, experiencing a desperate hunger. In essence, a year of famine had hit the city.


[The Cat that Bites Gold Coins screams for you to stop!]


With me suddenly becoming a moving famine, The Cat that Bites Gold Coins was driven further into a corner.


6 port cities had already fallen. Regrettably, there was no one who could stop me.


There were times when those capable of fighting swarmed in droves, attracted by the bounty on me. A group of seven mercenaries, each flaunting a tiger fur cloak, made an offer.


[A medium-sized trading company 'Those Who Can Fight' requests a trade.]


[1. For 30 minutes starting now, both parties agree to exchange physical blows.]


[2. After 30 minutes, a total settlement will be conducted.]


[3. At the time of settlement, the amount of physical damage received from the opponent will be deemed as a loss.]


[4. The amount of physical damage dealt to the opponent will be considered as a gain...]


This is the Heaven of Gold. Even for a brawl, mutual consent is required, and a contract must outline that agreement.


The outcome?


Is there even a need to spell it out? I mean, on the other side of the hologram, the God of Commerce was still shedding tears, while the Countess continued to munch on potato chips. Could there be a clearer picture of who won and who lost?


『The sixth city has been smoothly conquered. What a joyous occasion.』


『Meow... Meow...』


『How many cities are left in that world now? Seven? Six? Even if six hundred remained, it's just a matter of time.』


For reference, this conversation wasn't a recorded one but a live video. With each city I swept through, the Countess would make a deal with the God of Commerce and 'pluck something' from it. This live conversation was also a product of looting.


Our tower's economic manager is quite thrifty, isn't she...


『It's about time to admit a complete defeat. Any further resistance will only ruin your paradise. Right now, the King of Death may generously accept a deep bow and leave, but who knows what will happen in the future? I don't even know."


『What have we ever done to you?!』


The cats exploded in outrage.


『We were merely continuing our small business! Meow! This is the tyranny and violence against a great Constellation! We won't stay silent! Meow! We will formally protest!』


『What did you do wrong, you ask? First off, you imposed a penalty where cat ears sprout on my head if I use the skill more than a set number of times a day.』


『What's the problem with that! Cat ears! Aren't they cute!』


『Also, there was a penalty where a cat tail would grow if I used the General Store too many times.』


『Cat tails are the epitome of perfect curves, both anatomically and evolutionarily! The fact that we've given even worthless humans a chance to taste such a divine creation should be grounds for gratitude!』


『Purchasing a product named World Peace only to be mocked by you.』


『Hey, any grown-up seriously buying a product named World Peace is already laughable. We added that phrase as a little joke, not to be taken too seriously. Meow. Isn't that also an experience and a lesson?』


The cats vigorously waved their arms in agreement.




『That's right, meow!』


『Countess or Count, what kind of customer is that? It's not even funny! We're more like their mentors!』


『Be thankful! Hurry up and thank us for our existence! Bow your head and thank us for bestowing the skill and for imposing penalties! It's a bow! Sincerely offer a deep bow!"


『Cats have their pride too!』


『Meow! Meow! Meow!』


The Countess nodded deeply.


『I believe you now fully understand why I want to punish these double cats, Kim Gong-Ja.』


Friend, you seem to have a lot built up...




It was already night.


After subduing the seventh city, I unfolded the map.


Following the plan mentioned by the Countess, it would be easy to subjugate dozens, even hundreds of cities. It would be time-consuming, but not difficult to accomplish.




"This is strange."


The Countess tilted her head curiously on the other side of the hologram.


『What do you mean?』


“The Cat that Bites Gold Coins... In other words, the God of Commerce, is nowhere to be seen. Even though it seems like I'm just wandering around, I've been heading to major cities. The seventh city I just conquered, the sixth port, was the most prosperous city in this world."


In the Heaven of Gold, there are only port cities.


To facilitate trade, the world was intentionally designed this way, or perhaps it's because most of the world is water. Small archipelagos were clustered together, and towns and cities were established along the coastlines.


There's no such thing as inland. There are mountains, but no villages are set upon them. Without exception, [all places where people live are adjacent to the sea].


"I thought I would see the God of Commerce in the largest city."


『See? What do you mean by see?』


"Exactly what it sounds like. The owner of the last stage was a tree. A World Tree large enough to cover an entire city and more. If it's heaven, wouldn't it make sense to always see the god?"




The Countess furrowed her brows as if it was a novel idea she had never considered and probably never would have in the future.


『That's an interesting perspective.』


"Yes, well. So, I thought the God of Commerce's headquarters would be in the largest city. But no matter how thoroughly I searched, there was nothing. Strange, isn't it?"


『Perhaps the last stage was special? Gods vary. These ones probably built a hideout far away and are snickering, watching humans ruin each other.』


"Is that so?"


『Absolutely, no doubt about it.』


I glanced at the hologram.


『What are you looking at?!』


The cats flinched.


『Looking at us won't scare us! We're not afraid of the likes of you!』


『Really! We're not scared at all!』


『We're your meowsters!』


『Be grateful! Bow down and thank us for giving you the skill, for imposing penalties, thank us deeply, it's a bow! Bow sincerely!』


『Cats have their dignity!』


『Meow! Meow! Meow!』


What would their rallying cry be like...


For now, although they look like cats, they are Constellations. Constellations powerful enough to govern the 70th floor area. I wondered if they might betray their composure, but of course, they made no such basic mistake.




I carefully surveyed my surroundings. The waves lapped at the dock.


Come to think of it, when I first arrived at this stage, I was also at the dock. Although, back then, I turned my gaze towards the street instead of the sea. [Every village is a port]. Could there be a clue hidden in that statement?


'The Cat that Bites Gold Coins. The Cat that Bites Gold Coins. Gold coins…'


Lost in thought, I wandered along the shoreline when suddenly, I saw the moon rising in the night sky.


It was a full moon.




A thought flashed through my mind.


I carefully managed my expression, ensuring no emotions showed through, and casually said to the Countess.




『Hm? It's the first time you're calling me by my real name. Well, you've been using Patricia's real name for a while now. It's about time, I suppose. With this, you are the only person who calls both Patricia and me by our real names. Usually, those close to me utterly despise Patricia, and those close to Patricia despise me, but you're quite unique.』


"It's a great honor. Anyway, Nisha. You're watching me like watching a movie over there, right? Can you do a [rewind] by any chance?"


『Hmm? Perhaps. Why not?』


The Countess turned her head and spoke.


Chatter. Although it didn't show on my hologram, she was obviously consulting with the [Staff of Time Immemorial] in some blind spot.


Soon, the Countess looked back at me.


『It's possible.』


"Then, although it might be a bit of a hassle, could you check the night skies of last night, the night before, three nights ago, and four nights ago for me? There's something I want to verify."


『That sounds more productive than munching on potato chips. Alright.』


The Countess waved her fan and scanned the air. Her eyes skimmed through the void.


Although invisible to me, the Countess was currently viewing several days' worth of footage.


"Are you watching?"


『I've got them all up.』


"Please check the moon."


The cats turned to me in unison.


But it was too late. Without any need to hide my emotions any longer, I immediately asked.


"Is there any change in the shape of the moon?"




"By any chance, is it continuously a full moon without any change?"


The Countess slowly nodded.


『That's correct. Not a single movement. A pristine full moon.』


Then it's as I thought.


『Meow! Now that I think about it, negotiating might not be so bad after all...!』


『Perhaps there's really a condition to an unconditional surrender, right?』


『We will now seriously engage in surrender negotiations!』


The cats began to panic. The Countess tilted her head in confusion, not understanding the situation.


However, I paid no mind and enhanced my eyesight, infusing it with aura. With a vision that surpassed human limits, I gazed up at the full moon.




Regrettably, nothing could be found on the surface of the moon.


No, in fact, it wasn't even a real moon. Unlike Earth's moon, this one had a pristine surface. It wasn't even a sphere but a flat surface. It was merely something that took on the shape of the moon.


'That place isn't a hideout. There are no cats there. So, where...'


I quickly scanned the surroundings.


Based on my reasoning,



1. Each heaven has a sovereign constellation that rules over it.


2. Souls can always feel and see that constellation, wherever they are.


3. The souls here are invariably adjacent to the sea.


4. Therefore, the constellation might be residing in the sea.



If the sea itself were the constellation, all problems would be solved. However, the constellation of the 72nd floor is [Cats], not [the Sea]. Nor is it any creature related to the sea.


Could it be living in the deep sea? Maybe it built a deep-sea base in the depths of the ocean, or perhaps it's roaming around in a submarine. That could be possible. But in that case, souls wouldn't be able to feel or see the constellation at all times.


'A god that can be easily seen by just looking from the seaside.'


The sea waves crashed.


'Not in the deep sea, nor in some distant ocean.'


The dark night sea.


In the middle of the pitch-black surface, brightly.


'Just something that anyone living in a seaside village can easily see.'


The full moon.


The moon in the night sky was reflecting off the water, white and bright.


As if it were a round gold coin.




I smiled.


"Found it."


And without hesitation, I stepped towards the sea. Splash! Ripples formed around me. The ripples didn't intensify beyond a gentle level. Splash! Splash! I trode across the surface towards the spot illuminated by the full moon.


『Customer! Madam Countess! VIP client! We'll offer a 50% discount on all items from now on! Isn't that enough? Would you please accept our surrender!?』


『60%! 70%! 80%!』


『Up to a 90% discount! Just please stop your friend...!』




The cats chorused in alarm.


『No, no! Wait, a deal! Let's make a deal!』


As I dove towards the moonlit surface, surprisingly, it wasn't the cold seawater that greeted my face and body.


Only for a moment did I feel the touch of water on the surface.


Soon after, a gravity distinctly different from that of the water's embrace caught me.


『Meow, meow, meow, he's here?!』


I landed, thud, on solid ground.


There was no dragon palace under the sea. The moon reflected on the surface was a kind of portal, a gate. Passing through the moon on the water surface led directly to the abode where the God of Commerce reigned. The [Gold Coin] was the [Full Moon], and 'The Cat that Bites Gold Coins' was, in fact, 'The Cat that Lives on the Full Moon.'


『Emergency! Emergency!』


『What should we do...?』


『Don't panic, meow! A cat doesn’t die only once!』


『It's all over now!』


In a pristine white space, cats gathered. The cats huddled close together, trembling and shivering. The colorful cats huddling and shivering together had a touch of poignancy, albeit not entirely so.




I smiled. After all, I was visiting as our tower's premier lunatic.


"Good evening, brethren."


And a lunatic must maintain the decorum only a lunatic can.


"Do you perhaps know the way?"





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Chapter 348

SSS-Class Hunter who Dies to Live


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