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Chapter 41

My Platinum-Blonde Childhood Friend is Too Pretty


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◈ My Platinum-Blonde Childhood Friend is Too Pretty

Chapter 41: Welcoming Summer (2)

"That's no problem..."

I thought it was a trivial condition and agreed immediately. Spending a day with him was something I would have done without any conditions anyway.

I figured he must have just felt awkward accepting my request without any conditions.

But then—


Ellie, who had been secretly eavesdropping around the corner, suddenly approached and slapped Jeong-woo hyung's hand away.

She stood in front of me, blocking his view, and glared at him.

"No way."

From Ellie's stance, I could feel a strong animosity towards hyung. Jeong-woo hyung smiled as if he had expected this.

"With you being this overprotective, do you think I'd take him for band practice? We won't be able to do much in one day. I promise we won't be performing or anything."


Ellie seemed to accept his calm words and relaxed her stance, linking her arm with mine.

In this tense situation, I could vaguely hear Bin noona's faint cheer from somewhere.

Anyway, since hyung agreed to help, convincing our parents would be easier, and I was already excited about the possibility of sharing a room with Ellie.

Ellie questioned hyung once more.

"What are you planning to do with him?"

The hostility was gone, but Ellie remained wary. She still didn't trust hyung, looking like a cat with its fur standing on end.

Hyung frowned, seeming tired of her attitude.

"Why are you controlling who he hangs out with... We're just going to sing a bit and have some fun. Locked in a room. Satisfied?"

"Why are you so fixated on Do-yoon when you have plenty of bandmates?"

"Did I just hear Alicia accuse me of being fixated? Who’s the one really fixated here? You're the one clinging to him—"

"Enough, enough. Ellie, don't be too harsh. Hyung is helping us."


Their voices were starting to rise, so I stepped in to mediate and calm Ellie down. She pouted, feeling like I was blaming her.

I gave her a reassuring smile, then asked hyung a question that had always puzzled me.

"Hyung, I've been wondering, why do you like hearing me sing so much?"

I knew I sang reasonably well, but compared to truly talented people, I wasn't much. I only received compliments from friends.

Yet hyung always wanted to form a band with me, and since that fell through because of Ellie, he still enjoyed going to karaoke with me.

Why was that? Hyung answered nonchalantly.

"You're my type."

His answer was so straightforward.

I knew he didn't mean it that way, but it was hard not to take it as something else.



The atmosphere grew awkward, and Ellie blocked my view again, glaring at hyung.

Her simple hostility turned into a murderous look, as if she were seeing a competitor.

Seeing this, hyung frowned deeply and added more.

"I mean your voice, your tone when you sing. What were you thinking?"



"What do you take me for? I've almost never been without a girlfriend."

"You don't have one now, do you?"

"Not now, no."

That was a relief. The only thing Bin noona worried about was if hyung had another girlfriend somewhere.

So, I thought I heard a sigh of relief from behind.

Anyway, about my voice.

"You like my voice?"

"Yeah, man. I'll play guitar while you sing."

"Is that all? Sounds fun to me."

"...That’s fine."

"Getting your girlfriend’s permission is tough..."

Hyung sighed, looking exhausted, then turned and walked away.

"It's at the end of July, right? Let me know the exact date soon. I'll keep that day free."

"Oh, I will! Thanks, hyung!"


Watching hyung wave and walk away, I felt happy inside.

I liked and admired hyung, and always thought he was cool.

He was dedicated to his hobbies, good at studying, knew how to have fun, was polite, and was handsome.

He was perfect in many ways.

I was happy that he liked my voice and looked forward to the idea of playing music together.

"Great job, you guys! Let’s go, and I’ll buy you something delicious to celebrate!"

Bin noona, who had been hiding, came out with a big smile, praising us and heading home to prepare for the trip.

Her face was filled with undeniable joy and a touch of mischief.

"I should start preparing too."

Ellie nodded with determination, her eyes shining brightly. She looked both cute and, in a way, her gaze held a hint of naughtiness that made my heart flutter.





"Tell me when you're hanging out with Lee So-yeon. I’ll go spend time with hyung then."

After the kiss and promising to coordinate with her schedule, she smiled faintly.

"If oppa tries anything weird, call me right away. If he tries to take you somewhere strange, call me too."

"Jeong-woo hyung wouldn’t... Okay, I will."

I almost said he wouldn't do such things, but agreed quietly.

Satisfied, she smiled more deeply and stroked my cheek.

"I’ll come to your room at 9, so finish your drawing by then."

"Got it."

"Smooch... See you later."

Until summer break started after the exams, I spent my time as usual, playing and drawing. But Ellie had busy days.

She often whispered with Lee So-yeon, spent many days planning something at home, and frequently went shopping without me.

One day, she finally convinced our parents.

"A one-night trip? With Jeong-woo and Bin?"

"Bin noona said she has a relative's place in Daecheon. It’s tight if we do a day trip, so hyung and noona will be with us, and we’ll stay overnight."

Mixing in a bit of truth, our parents granted permission without much worry.

"Jeong-woo being there is reassuring..."

"Bin will drive? Oh, then we should cover the gas!"

"That’s fine, but... Hmm..."

Only my mom seemed slightly suspicious, glancing at Ellie with doubt.

Ellie, feeling guilty, avoided her gaze and turned her head away.

"Suspicious... You’re not planning to act like you're going with them and then just sleep together, are you?"



Her sharp question made both of us freeze.

We couldn't speak immediately, but aunt came to our rescue.

"Oh, so what if they do? Has Ellie ever jumped on Do-yoon just because we weren't around?"


"The kids' grades have improved a lot, so they deserve this."

"Who said no? Wait, are you three conspiring?"

"No way~"

"No, auntie always suspects me."

"How can I not suspect you, Ellie! Look at you, wearing that tight t-shirt and linking arms with my son!"


Despite Mom’s endless suspicions, she didn’t forbid us from going. This kind of bickering was a regular occurrence.

"Have fun."

"Yes, I feel safe with Jeong-woo around."

Dad, who always supported Ellie and me, and Mr. Mark, also wished us a good trip.

They likely assumed I'd sleep with hyung and Ellie with Bin noona, so they allowed it.

With our parents’ permission, the preparations for the trip went smoothly.

"Going to the beach together? Here, take your favorite outfit from today’s shoot!"

The director generously gifted us a couple of outfits after another fitting model shoot right after summer break began.

"These strap sandals look the best."

"Yeah, let’s get these."

We enjoyed a date shopping for matching sandals.

"Hehe... Everything is perfect. I'll keep Jeong-woo in check, so have fun."

Bin noona seemed to have plans for this trip, and they were thorough.

The day before the trip, we gathered at Ellie's house for a final check on our luggage. Ellie, Mom, and aunt helped pack while I stood by.

"Isn't that bag too small? You should’ve bought a new one."

"I like this one. I can fit everything if I pack it right..."

"Don't just shove things in. If there’s no room, put it in our son's bag. Your clothes will get wrinkled."

"Give me your pants and pouch. I'll put them in my bag, there’s plenty of space."

"The pouch is better. Put it in there."


Though it was just a one-night trip, it was our first without parents, so we were excited and packed everything.

Our moms found it cute and didn't stop us. They said we’d learn what not to pack next time.

Mom even casually mentioned "next time," showing how smoothly things were going. Despite her concerns, Ellie was like a future daughter-in-law to her.

But then, an incident occurred.

-Tuk, tuk!

As Ellie handed me her pouch from her bag, she carelessly let it drop, and its contents spilled slightly onto the floor.


Mom's cold voice stopped us.

We all looked down at the floor, and there it was—a round silhouette inside a small square item.


"Oh my..."


Ellie looked like she had made a mistake, aunt seemed slightly troubled, and I was stunned. I never imagined Ellie would pack something like this.

It turned the excitement of the trip on its head.

The item on the floor was—



"Why would there be a condom in your bag? Care to explain?"

It was a condom.


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