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Chapter 42

My Platinum-Blonde Childhood Friend is Too Pretty


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◈ My Platinum-Blonde Childhood Friend is Too Pretty

Chapter 42: Welcoming Summer (3)

As soon as Mom asked Ellie that question, her eyes narrowed, sweeping over the surroundings.

The first person to meet her gaze was me, more shocked and flustered than Mom. I couldn’t react at all.

I really didn’t know anything, so what could I say?

"...Right. Our son wouldn’t do something like that."

Seeing my honest reaction, Mom turned her head away.

Toward the mother and daughter standing next to each other.


"Huh... how did that end up there..."

Ellie’s eyes were trembling uncontrollably. Even Aunt Ye-rin, who was always calm and gentle, was breaking out in a cold sweat.

Mom just stared at them silently, without further questioning.

It was frightening to see her so quiet, so unlike her usual lively and talkative self.

After about a minute, as if unable to bear it anymore, aunt spoke up to help Ellie.

"Ji-eun, I bought it."


"They're always so close, something could happen. It would be problematic if they didn’t have one when needed, right?"


"And it’s been a while since I bought it, and it’s still unused. Ellie thought of you and her father..."

"Be quiet, Ye-rin."


But Mom’s cold words made aunt close her mouth, and Ellie still couldn’t say anything.

I couldn’t say anything either. Despite the serious atmosphere.

'Condom... Isn’t that a famous brand? Was Ellie planning to... during this trip...?'

I was too busy imagining that scenario.

Was Mom angry? I could tell she was. But I didn’t believe it would cause a serious rift in our family or between Ellie and me.

Even though Mom and Mr. Mark never said it explicitly, we knew they didn’t want us to have sex until we were responsible adults.

Both Ellie and I understood that.

So even in this tense atmosphere, I didn’t think about going against their wishes.

I naturally held back.

Although, seeing that condom did make my thoughts stray a bit.

And in the ensuing silence—

"...I’m sorry."

Ellie finally spoke, her words of apology coming out so sincerely.


Mom’s body flinched slightly at that.

They were always on friendly, bantering terms, so it was rare—no, it was the first time Ellie had ever apologized so straightforwardly to her.

As Ellie was about to continue her apology, Mom interrupted by turning to me.

"Lee Do-yoon. Go home."

"...Uh, okay."

It was an order to leave.

I nodded and stood up.

I was curious about the conversation that would follow, but the heavy atmosphere was hard to bear.

Despite being involved, I knew nothing about the condom, so I had no place in this discussion. Plus, if Ellie directly wanted something, I would prioritize that.

But if not, I had decided that as her boyfriend, I wouldn’t lead Ellie into anything sexual until we were twenty.

We were still young, and I didn’t want to disregard our loving families' wishes.

So, this was a matter for Ellie and Mom to resolve.

I gathered the rest of the items from the floor, excluding the condom, and put them back into the pouch before heading back to my room.

As soon as I got there, I started researching condom types on the computer.

Not to use them, but out of pure curiosity...

'Wow, the one Ellie had was expensive.'

Did aunt really buy it for her?

I continued learning about contraceptives until Ellie came over later to visit.

The world of condoms, with their various thicknesses and prices, was fascinating.

Elli, having sent her boyfriend off, faced her future mother-in-law directly.

After a brief pause, she continued speaking.

"Yes, Mom bought it for me, but I asked her to. I'm sorry. But I never used it. I had it, but I didn't intend to use it."


"I didn't want to force anything by arguing with you."

"Okay. I'll believe you."

Listening to her sincere apology, Song Ji-eun nodded, but her face remained stern.

Rather than being angry, she looked filled with sadness.

Sometimes she found her future mother-in-law bothersome, but other times, Elli found her a bit cute.

Realizing that she wasn’t just trying to scold her, Elli pouted.

"The condom... I kept it in case Do-yoon couldn't control himself... but he always seems to be able to."

"Always tempting my son, aren't you? Afraid he won't control himself? Do you want to be scolded, really?"

"We didn't do anything. I bought it months ago."

"You cheeky little fox…!"

Though Elli's words seemed a bit provocative, Ji-eun finally let go of the heavy atmosphere and started arguing as usual.

Looking at her son's girlfriend, who swept her platinum blonde hair back and pouted with her blue eyes, she knew.

She knew how much they liked each other, how they were always together.

Even though she couldn’t watch them all the time, she knew they might cross the line when she wasn’t looking.

Yet, Ji-eun knew that the two of them were holding back out of consideration for her and Mark.


Old enough to know everything, but also an age when it was hard to control one's emotions.

Seeing the condom filled her with disappointment. It upset her.

It wasn’t just that they had considered something she disliked.

It was that she felt left out, isolated among the three women who had secretly bought it.

When Lee Do-yoon left and it was just the women, she could express her disappointment without embarrassment.

"How could you two buy something like that without me? I... Hah. Really..."

"Oh, I'm sorry~ But if we told you..."

"You would have stopped us from even carrying it around."

"Why would you carry it around? Just don't do it! You're just trying to tempt my son with those clothes!"

"You said it was pretty when I picked it out! You said it suited me!"

"That’s that and this is this!"

Their voices raised slightly, but the fight felt more relaxed, almost like friends arguing.

At the same time, Ye-rin, who had been a bit worried, relaxed and laughed, adding fuel to their argument.

"By the way, do you know how filial Do-yoon is? He held back even when our Elli ran up to him wearing a bikini because he was thinking of you~"

"…Wait. What? Bikini? She wore a bikini? I thought she was going to wear it at the beach? When?"

"She showed it to him in the room the other day. That black bikini, not the one for the beach."

"She even showed him that? In the room? Just the two of them? Elli, you really are…"

"But even when she wore that and kissed him, Lee Do-yoon didn't touch her."

"………Is there something wrong with Do-yoon?"

Ji-eun knew too.

Not the one for the beach, but the black bikini she bought because it was sexy and pretty.

That revealing swimsuit that showed off her figure and skin, the one that Jung Ye-in and she gasped and gossiped about, wondering how she could wear such a thing when Elli showed it.

She was furious that her son had seen her in that bikini, but hearing that even after seeing it and kissing her, he didn't lay a hand on her…

Even as a mother who doted on her son, Ji-eun couldn't help but wonder.

Elli, her future (confirmed) daughter-in-law, had grown into a stunning beauty at seventeen, blooming like a fully blossomed flower.

On top of that, Elli had an almost perfect body that even other women admired.

"How could he resist?"

Even her gentle husband couldn't hold back when a younger Ji-eun threw herself at him in a bikini.

This raised a significant concern about her son's condition.


"Exactly! When you listen to his reactions and stories, you can't help but think there's something wrong, but there definitely isn't…"


Hearing Elli's outburst agreeing with her muttering, Song Ji-eun decided her son's sexual function was fine.

"Huhuhu… Yes… My precious son understands his mother's heart? Do-yoon has always been cute, handsome, and kind since he was little. That's right. I always believed in my son."

Suddenly, the situation became quite delightful.

She was upset that the sly future daughter-in-law had tried to seduce him, but she was overjoyed that her son understood her feelings.

Elli's cunning act served as a way to confirm her son's commendable behavior.

"Right, Ji-eun~ Do-yoon is such a good boy? He understands his mother's heart perfectly."

"Of course~ no matter how much you try to seduce him, Elli, our Do-yoon will never fall for it."


Seeing Ji-eun suddenly become so boastful after being upset just a moment ago made Elli feel very uncomfortable.

It was fortunate that her future mother-in-law's resentment had dissipated, but the fact that Lee Do-yoon had resisted even when she was in a bikini hurt her pride as a woman.

However, Elli didn't show her anger.

She held it back. For now.

"Lee Do-yoon has always loved you, Auntie…"

"You know that too? Well, how could you not?"

"So I'll just carry the condoms with me. Not like I'll have any use for them."

"…Hmph. Fine, carry them! But you know you can't use them by jumping on Do-yoon just because he doesn't make a move, right? I won't forgive that."

"I won't make the first move. I promise."

"Good. Then I'll allow it."



Like they were fighting, making up, and then checking each other again, the future mother-in-law and daughter-in-law eyed each other.

Watching the two get along so well, Ye-in clapped her hands to change the subject.


"Come to think of it, what delicious food is there in Daecheon? Ji-eun, didn't we go to that beach together when the kids were little?"

"Yes? Oh, there… Wasn't the mulhoe (cold raw fish soup) good? But Do-yoon doesn't like that."

"Bin unnie said the grilled clams there are good, how about that?"

"That sounds good too. Wait, there was a good place…"

The next morning, bright and early.

I carried a slightly larger duffel bag, while Elli carried a relatively smaller bag, and we left the house.


"See you later!"

"Take care and have a lot of delicious food. Jeong-woo, please take good care of our kids."

"Yes, don't worry. I'll take good care of them."

"Hehe… It's so reassuring to have Jeong-woo here. Thank you~"

"Mother-in-laws~ I'm here too~"

"Bin, drive safely. And no drinking when you get there, okay?"

"Drunk driving is a no-no~"

"Got it…"

After exchanging farewells in front of the house as if we were a bunch of relatives gathered together, we set off.

"You guys can either sleep or play in the back seat."


"Alright, let's go~"

A one-night beach trip with Elli.

By the way, I felt a bit embarrassed to ask, but I wonder if she still has the condoms?

It seems like things went well with Mom…

I'll have to ask her quietly later.


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