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Chapter 4

Saving a Famous Streamer in the Hidden Dungeon


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◈ Saving a Famous Streamer in the Hidden Dungeon

Chapter 4: A Secret between two should be kept.

“Now then, allow me to say this… Thank you for yesterday, like really! If not for you, Kazuki-kun, the slaughter of a pretty girl would’ve been streamed nationwide!”

Cute! Her laughing while embarrassed suits her too well…! 

I swallowed these thoughts, quickly wrapped up the conversation and prepared to head towards the dungeon to start exploring.

I’d rather not have my face be recorded, since it’ll just cause another uproar. Rumors last only about 75 days, or so they say. Once time passes, no one will care about me anymore.

That’s why I’ll lurk like a lizard till then. …Susukino Kokko is like the sun. She’s too dazzling for me. Watching her through a monitor screen is best.

“Not really, anyone would’ve done the same thing. I’m glad you’re fine. Now that it’s over—”

“Eh!? You’re so cold! Let’s talk more, c’mon!”

Ah, please don’t make such a sad face like that. I won’t be able to disregard it anymore… But at this rate, my dungeon exploration tempo will be thrown off. It's as if my feet weren't on the ground, and my feelings are just floating. 

Maybe it's because I'm so happy to be able to have such friendly conversations with Susukino Kokko. Or maybe it's a sense of superiority because all the people who used to mock me suddenly completely changed. No, above anything else…

Honestly, aren’t I pretty strong? ...Could it be that this growing self-awareness is the cause of my complacency!? Or rather, altogether!? 

“Listen listen, Kazuki-kun. Why are you always turning away so easily? Do you perhaps not like me that much…?”

“Mhm, maybe It’s because you seem a bit cunning I’d say.”

“Eh!? Sorry! I think it came out cuz I was trying to get your attention—! Wait no, forget what I just said—!”

I couldn't help but smile as she frantically gestured and tried to explain herself. I felt like I regained my composure a little due to her pushiness. With the way things are going, I'll just end up being tripped up by monsters.

“No, my bad. I guess I was just trying to look cooler since I’m in front of you. If you’re interested, we can have a chat and exchange information about dungeon conquest. Off-record if possible.”

“Of course! I won't go around spreading the info to others! The camera is off y’know. That aside, I really just wanted to say thank you.”

“For real? I actually thought the camera was still recording, just made me a bit worried. I don’t really want to get doxxed after all.”

“Ah, really!? I’m seriously sorry! Uwah, what should I do? I got quite a bit of information from the listeners…”

“For real—?”

I was going to check the stream later, but from what I’ve heard, the general consensus is that it's probably Kazuki Yamamoto. Although it’s mostly just speculating, they’ve certainly pinpointed me as the guy. Well, she wouldn’t have called my name if she didnt know that.

However, handling it might be easier than I thought.

Since all Susukino Kokko has to do is say 'The person who helped me wasn't Yamamoto Kazuki' in her upcoming stream. If the person who met ‘him’ says so, people will stop inquiring about it anymore. Even if the students at school ask me about it tomorrow, I can finally get away with pleading ignorance, and the truth will remain unclear. 

“Alright, let’s go with this, ‘Susukino Kokko got to thank the person who saved her, but that person wasn’t Yamamoto Kazuki in the end’. If you say that in your stream, everything should be settled. 

“Mhmm! In other words, this will be a secret between us two…♡”

“Uwah, truly cunning. 

“Ah! Crap! This one doesn’t count alright!

…So to speak, I decided to go back home again without doing anything to check on Susukino Kokko’s stream.

Sigh, another [White Eagle's Feathers] and 5$ wasted…

—and so, I sat in front of my PC.

It’s been a while since I last logged into streaming sites. I selected Susukino Kokko's channel from the favorites list and waited on the page where the stream was scheduled to start at the time she mentioned. 

“Woah, the thumbnail sure has improved… That camera angle is insane… Kokko, you’re really amazing…”

I started looking for her old videos to kill time while waiting for the stream to start. While still retaining traces of the person she was two years ago, everything had been upgraded. She sure is both an amazing adventurer and streamer.

Even back when I was watching, the viewership exceeded 100,000, but now it seems to be on the scale of a million. As expected of the front dungeon conqueror.

Did I really have such a casual conversation with someone so incredible...?

“Susukino Kokko’s Live channel~!”

Oh, it started. 

The stream started with some light music in the background. Somehow, it feels like watching a cousin who has grown up so much.

“Everyone—! Yaho Yaho—!  It’s me, Susukino Kokko!” 

On the opposite side of the screen was the girl who I was just with, waving her hands. Trusting in the reassuring words that will come from her, I watched the stream. 

“Y’know, just a moment ago! I got to thank Yamamoto Kazuki, who saved me yesterday properly—! Waiting around for him to appear really did pay off!”


“Seeeeriously, like reeeaaally! He was so cool! He said he’s been diving into the hidden dungeon all this time alone, isn’t that like, super amazing!?”

Eh? Huh? What’s this girl talking about? A secret between us too… Eh…?

“—and so, it seems like he doesn't want his classmates to find out! So we agreed to keep Kazuki-kun's identity a secret, and to pretend that it was someone else who helped me... Wait, what?” 

The comments flooded in an instant. As expected, it was him. I always thought he was an terrific dude. He’s my classmate. Or my close friend I should say. 

Rumors, both true and false, appeared and vanished.

And then, Susukino Kokko’s scream echoed out.

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! I really just did it—! Even though it was a secret between me and Kazuki-kun, we agreed to keep it one, yet I ended up leaking it all out of excitement—! Right here, cut! Seriously! Please, clip channels! Just keep this between us and don’t clip it!”

With a million viewers, ain’t no such thing as keeping it just between us.


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