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Chapter 5

Saving a Famous Streamer in the Hidden Dungeon


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◈ Saving a Famous Streamer in the Hidden Dungeon

Chapter 5: The blunder of a famous and pretty streamer.

When I entered the classroom, everyone turned to look at me, and a hush fell over the room. The class atmosphere became tense. It felt like I could hear the sounds of gulping. 


…What I heard was a camera’s sound. 

When I turned to locate the source of the sound, I found a group of girls pointing their smartphones' cameras at me, who then started looking at the picture right after.

“No way. The one who saved Kokko really is Yamamoto Kazuki…”

“It’s the same person, the same!”

“Crazy! We’re in the same class with a famous person!”

What they're probably looking at is… the news article about the violation of privacy, right? Yeah, I am definitely the Yamamoto Kazuki they’re talking about, thanks to Kokko breaking our promise and revealing everything yesterday. My identity, which was still barely in a gray area, has now become completely exposed. 

As a result, the girls, seeking final confirmation, stopped caring about my privacy completely and caused an uproar. The other classmates also started causing a commotion all at once after seeing the reactions. Just like yesterday, no, even more, I was being crushed...! 

“Uwoooooo good morning Kazuki! You really are an amazing guy after all!”

It’s Tanaka. The baseball team’s Tanaka, with his shaved head, approached me in a friendly manner. Before I could even respond, another wave of questions and comments flooded in. 

“Why didn’t you tell us yesterday properly! You just left immediately on your own!”

It’s Kawano. The baseball team’s Kawano with the shaved head. Another dude with a shaved head appears, they just keep piling on!

“I saw Kokko-chan’s stream last night! You’re really amazing! Kokko-chan talked so much about you, I’m hella jealous!”

It’s Uechi from the baseball club! This class sure has no one but baseball club members! But also, half of the girls are managers for the baseball team! Even though our school isn’t particularly famous for baseball!!

—and thus, I left early again today. During every break, not only students from other classes but even first and third years came to take a look at me. In the end, even the teachers started questioning me. It made the situation way more unbearable… 

Seriously, why did it come to this? Susukino Kokko…!! My peace is falling apart…

—But with all that absurdity, I sure could blow off some steam by dungeon diving. I put on my headset and warped from my room into the dungeon as usual. 

I opened my eyes to the same starting point as always. For the past two years, I’ve been diving into the dungeon alone, constantly confronting my own weakness. 

But in reality, it was a "hidden dungeon where even the boss on the 50th floor of the front dungeon, successfully defeated by Susukino Kokko, could be tripped up by a goblin on the first floor. Without realizing it, I was risking my life fighting these ferocious monsters every day. I'm pretty foolish, aren't I?

But it's also true that I spent fulfilling days in this hidden dungeon. I continued to challenge myself without getting discouraged, despite being looked down upon by other adventurers. The joy of establishing my own method for conquering monsters is an experience that is incomparable to anything else.

And yet, even if my life in the real world were to change completely, it wouldn't alter anything. 

Because this is still the same old hidden dungeon, just like before. But even if everyone knows that I've been conquering a dungeon with difficulty levels many times higher than anyone else, it doesn't mean that the dungeon monsters will suddenly become weaker, or that I'll suddenly become stronger. 

I'm still getting beaten up by the monsters here, barely scraping by with whatever dungeon magic and potions I have, just to see if I can make it to the 10th floor.


My peace hasn't been disturbed at all. Within the quiet dungeon, I composed myself slowly and thought about it. It was eventually going to happen anyway. 

—That’s why, Susukino Kokko. You can show your face now.

Susukino Kokko was waiting at the starting point just like yesterday. But the situation compared to yesterday was completely different. She was simply silent, earnestly... bowing deeply.

She was in this position from the moment I came. Since when I wonder. She was waiting like that all along, bowing her head, even though she didn't know when I'd come, and there was a chance I might not show up today, all the way until I started my dungeon dive. 

Naturally, the camera funnel wasn’t anywhere to be seen. It wasn’t any type of performance either, she really came here to convey earnestly. I'm so proud to be such a devoted fan of her, with all her sincerity.

“Kokko. Please raise your face. What happened cannot be helped. I did mind it, but I’m not angry about it. I’ve already prepared myself for what’s to come.”

…yet she remained silent, with no attempt to move. She's aware of just how tremendous her influence is. After all, she can grasp personal information about ordinary students in an instant; it's pretty intimidating. As long as she reflects on it, I'm fine with that. 

Well, a change of mindset is necessary after all. Anyhow the only people who’ve managed to enter the dungeon are only Kokko and I currently. 

I’ve been alone until now, but from now on, I’m thinking of cooperating with her at times to progress through the dungeon. 

Yeah. I’ve prepared myself. Cooperating with Susukino Kokko means I’ll appear on her livestreams. At this point, revealing my face or my identity is of no concern anymore.

For the sake of conquering the hidden dungeon, let’s join forces. That’s why there’s no need to apologize to me anymore. Please raise your face up, Kokko.



“Don’t sleep on me!”

From now on, I'm sure I'll continue to be tossed around by her innocent and carefree actions, I’ll definitely be at my wits end.


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