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Chapter 6

Saving a Famous Streamer in the Hidden Dungeon


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◈ Saving a Famous Streamer in the Hidden Dungeon

Chapter 6: Things I can do. Things I can't do.

“Uwah! Amazing amazing amaziiing! That incredibly strong goblin from the hidden dungeon is being weakened this fast from just poisoned arrows!?”

“Right? When they're poisoned, their movements slow down, which also reduces the risk of having our weapons and armor destroyed by their [Skill: Insta kill]. 

“It's surprising that a weak monster on the first floor has a skill... In the front dungeon, only the bosses every 10 floors and the monsters after the 40th floor have them.” 

Heh, I see now. That explains why everyone could easily climb the levels in the front dungeon…

As I shot an arrow at the goblin, I couldn’t help but feel a bit jealous. Simultaneously, I pierced both its brain and heart. 


“Yay! Goblin defeated!”

The goblin let out a dying scream as it fell, while Susukino Kokko jumped, her asymmetrically colored hair swaying. But it was too late to celebrate. 

“Kokko. From here on, this is the scary part of the hidden dungeon.”


After giving that warning, I casually approached the goblin. ...It's dangerous, but showing Kokko in practice will make her more cautious in the future. 

…In the first place, we should already be more suspicious, as the goblin hadn’t even vanished yet. 

When monsters die, they turn into particles of light and disappear. The fact that this goblin, who seems to have died perfectly, isn't doing so implies… 

I approached the goblin, and then carefully turned my back on it.


“AAH! The goblin is still alive…!? Kazuki-kun!”

As expected, the goblin leaped up and attacked me aggressively. Seeing Kokko's surprised reaction, I felt like it was worth taking the risk to provoke this reaction from the goblin, it definitely paid off. 

Having felt fulfilled, my business with that goblin was finished.

“Activate Dungeon Magic! [Holy Circle]!!

A magic skill that deploys a semicircular barrier centered around me. Within this barrier, I can inflict continuous damage on monsters. However, they say that it's a beginner's magic and that it can only used in low-level areas, even in the front dungeon, because the damage it deals is too low. 

However, I don’t believe that. Once used, it can cover the rear like it does now, and monsters that touch the sanctuary are knocked back out of its range. Its duration is fairly long too. In group battles, I’d say I'm pretty useful. 

Above all, monsters like this one which have skills are the type that always leave some HP remaining after a battle, and can be easily defeated with the follow-up damage from the Sanctuary.


Along with the scream, the monster turned into particles of light this time, dropping both magic stones and monster materials.

“Uwah, Wasn’t that just now the skill [Indomitable Spirit] which is used by the 30th floor boss? The weakest monsters in the 1st floor of the hidden dungeon have multiple skills? That's scary…”

“Nah, the goblin only has the [Insta kill] skill. However, its actual nature is a combined ability. It can be described as a mix of the three skills [Armor Breaker], [Weapon Breaker], and [Indomitable Spirit] into one.” 

“Haa? That sort of thing, no way… wait, Insta Kill…!?

With a shocked face, Kokko instantly made a smiling face and turned towards the Camera Funnel. 

“And with that said, I have learned new ways to defeat monsters in the hidden dungeon from Kazuki-kun! Everyone, if a time comes and you enter the hidden dungeon to fight, be careful of the Goblin's Insta Kill skill! Just poison them! Now then, that's it for today, everyone! See you next time!”

The comments monitor was filled with words like ‘Good work’, ‘Ty’, ‘888’, and more stuff as it slowly blacked out. 

TL/N: 888 in japanese slang / twitch chat vocab means applause, or clapping in a sense. 

…It’s my first collab. I couldn’t say it myself, but I feel like I handled it pretty well.

“Good work Kazuki-kun! Thanks for today! I really gained a lot from this!”

Kokko flashed a smile while wiping her sweat with a towel. Following that, she handed me a drink, so I didn't hesitate to take a sip. The taste was… that of a flat energy drink, it was a bit unpleasant if I must say. In that moment... The fatigue vanished from my body instantly!

“Hmm!? Don’t tell me this is…! An EX potion!? What the heck’s up with it! The effects are unreal!”

I’ve only ever had the 13$ potions, but the difference in recovery power is like night and day... As expected from something worth roughly 200$... Even though my health wasn't low, it eased my everyday fatigue and the stiffness in my shoulders and back! 

“Still, I feel bad about this. I can't just accept something this expensive so casually. I'll definitely return the favor someday.”

“Ahaha, you don’t need to really—! That’s the one I got from my sponsors after all! If anything, please take more!”

“Agh, seriously. It really shows how crazy the wealth gap is between adventurers who are popular streamers and those who aren’t…”

“That’s right— In this day and age, adventurers and streamers are basically a set. Why does Kazuki-kun not do it anyway?”

If you don't care about being recognized anymore, it's not too late to start now. Actually, I think you'd go viral. ...That's what she said. I’m happy to receive such words from Kokko, but it’s still unimaginable for me.

I don't get embarrassed easily anymore, but I can't dive into the dungeon while worrying about being watched. Thinking about anything other than dungeon exploration will ruin my tempo. I'm not that adept after all.

Kokko's stream is her concern, so I don't have to worry about how she presents things. If there's something she wants me to do, she just needs to tell me. If it's something I can do, I'll do it.

“Ah, what are you planning to do from here on? Are you planning to continue your exploration, Kazuki-kun?”

“Nah… I’ll call it quits for today. Truth is I'm running low on items. I was planning to go shopping. Well, I might do some light exploring after that.

When I replied with that, Kokko began to look a bit restless.

And then, with a bashful and hesitant demeanor, she timidly uttered the next words.

“T-Then…um, if you’d like, could we go shopping together…?”

…eh, I’d rather not.


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